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  1. poopylala

    poopylala New Member

    Hi, I am brand new and have gotten really confused by all the threads I've read on this forum and others. I'm trying to decide if I want to change my stock Nook Color and if I do, then which way to go about it.

    From what I've seen, I can either have the new system on an SD card and when it's inserted, I can use the complete android system and if I want to go back to BN I can just remove it. I can also just completely get rid of BN and use a new system.

    I'd probably choose a whole new system (CM7) as it seems to be smoother and I can download the nook for android app as well as other android apps. My problem is that I've read that not all features for nook are available on the android app. I know I'd have to redownload angry birds and that's fine but I wouldn't necessarily be able to utilize the whole nook store. I do use it alot to read so I want to make sure reading would still be effortless.

    I think I would like to change it but I'm just not sure. Part of what is holding me back is how much work it takes to do it and yet I've seen many people having issues rooting with the newest software version from BN. I've never done this kind of thing before and while I read it's hard to mess it up, I've seen the number of steps it takes and that's a bit intimidating. Also, other posts confuse me because people are using technical terms and while I'm not a pro at technology, I'm also not a beginner.

    So all that being said, in plain english please :), what would you recommend, how would I do it and why do you suggest it?

    Thank you!!!

  2. drowe

    drowe Well-Known Member

    If you read mostly B&N books, I wouldn't root it. The nook software for android is a poor imitation of the native nook software. It kind of depends on whether you want a tablet or a book reader.
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  3. poopylala

    poopylala New Member

    I read alot but I want to be able to access other ereader apps like Kindle :/ The books I usually download are free books and the ones that I've purchased are available on Kindle as well so I wouldn't lose out I don't think on being able to access them.

    Can someone show me a screenshot of the nook for android interface? I'm curious how it looks.
  4. drowe

    drowe Well-Known Member

    Here is the page at the play store: Nook for Android by B&N.

    One problem with the interface on a tablet (I have a rooted nook) is that it was made for a phone's resolution. The icons are small and a lot of wasted space between them. That is the other thing that you will find when you turn your nook into a tablet, the icons are going to be the same size as the ones on your phone, not the large ones that you have now. Kind of annoying.

    If you read drm-free epub books, try Moon+ Reader. That is the only one I use on my nook. If you want to read books purchased from B&N or Amazon, you will probably have to use their apps. Both are available in the play store

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