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  1. doad13

    doad13 Well-Known Member

    Ok so i have a desire and LOVE it! :p however my sister is after a new phone and really likes mine, but cant afford the price I pay.

    So what am after is if there are any pros/cons to the phone, for example from everything i seen so far it has a higher internal memory(can someone tell me) internal memory widget

    maybe a con being the lower processor speed for example does it lag just browsing photos or anything like that, also whats battery life like :)

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Ok, the Desire is a better phone due to the more advanced hardware, i.e Amoled screen, Snapdragon processor and the Desire has a bigger internal memory. So that being said, the features are almost exactly the same. The Wildfire is the budget version of the Desire, people are calling it the Desire mini. I paid
  3. doad13

    doad13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the quick reply, thats what i wanted to hear.

    Yeah thats what i said to my sister is a budget version of the desire, lower hardware spec etc...the desire has bigger internal! the desires internal is shockingly bad, but then again it depends what your doing(apps etc)

    also will it be getting froyo at the same time as desire? finally does the keyboard lag when texting etc?
  4. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I think the Desires' Froyo update will come first. I have had little or no lag on this phone on anything it does. I am not what you might call a heavy user though. I tend to switch the haptic feedback off on the keypad which i think helps when txting, i have done this on the Desire and Legend which i had previously for a short time. The only thing i don't like on the Wildfire so far is the Gallery viewer which tends to slightly blur the photos from the camera, so i'm on the hunt for a new app.
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  5. doad13

    doad13 Well-Known Member

    seems like it would be a decent option for her then, do you happen to know the actually size of the internal memory my desire is 147mb and i have filled 138mb, however my larger apps are facebook and contact storage :s
  6. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Your Desire mem specs are :

    ROM: 512 MB
    576 MB
    Expansion slot:

    • microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
    • Supports up to 32 GB
    Your apps, Htc Sense and the Android OS are stored in the ROM, i think thats why your reading is low. When the 2.2 update comes out i believe you can store your apps onto the SD Card which would help a lot. I think it might help to reboot your phone every couple of days to see if that frees up any memory.
  7. diggedy

    diggedy Active Member

    Ive got the desire and my girlfriend has the wildfire. The only noticable difference is the screen, if your looking for desire quality then stay away from the wildfire. If the resolution does not bother you then go for it but the difference is huge. The phone isnt as snappy as my desire but thats to be expected. Other than that though the wildfire is sweet and certainly worth the money

    What I do like about the wildfire is the size, its more comfortable to hold with my small hands :)
  8. doad13

    doad13 Well-Known Member

  9. brilldoctor

    brilldoctor Member

    the trackpad seems smaller on the wildfire. thats what i noticed
  10. brilldoctor

    brilldoctor Member

    3 had a working one on display
  11. jb1111

    jb1111 New Member

    don't buy the battery life is so bad that it make the phone unusable.

    I just bought this phone and regret it bitterly
  12. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    I've had mine a week.

    For my usage, I find the battery needs charging every night. One night it drained itself from almost full to 15%, yet only received two emails, not sure what killed it. If I use it a lot, it will be dead by evening time.

    Screen size kills this phone IMHO, lots of apps don't work and it's not very easy on the eyes when web browsing.

    Don't get me wrong, I like HTC and I would not buy any other Android phone but the Desire IS better, I'm just not totally convinced yet the price is something I'd pay. There is supposed to be a HD version on the horizon, so the normal Desire will drop in value.

    If you're looking at the Desire and get the Wildfire as a 'mini' version, you'll just be getting a device which you may outgrow pretty quick, i.e. a few hours with me and the screen became a problem.

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