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  1. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    As the title says, can anyone give me the main points to get a tablet? How are the Galaxy tablets different from my Galaxy S2 phone? (my phone is rooted running RR Rom)

    Are there any tablet specific apps to utilize that a phone simply cannot?

    My dad has the Tab 3, and although it is very nice for just sitting on the couch and playing around having a large screen, it doesn't seem any more special.

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    well it is a much larger screen then a phone, so if you need to work like emails or even typing a word document , you have more real estate. it is more portable then most laptops so it helps if you are on the go.

    the tab 3 is way different the the tab s which this is the forum you posted in. the tab 3 is kind of blah in specs and software. it runs on jb i think and is only a dual core processor while the tab s runs with an octa core processor!!!!! without a doubt the tab s just spec wise there is no comparison.

    there are some apps and games that are more optimized for they run better and look better on a tablet then on a phone.

    i bought this tablet and i use it more now then my laptop. i use it when i'm at home. sometimes i take it to work....with the samsung bluetooth keyboard, i can use it for work. i play games, watch movies, read books, and use to chrome cast netflix and movies to my tv.

    so it depends on what your needs are. but, i can say that the tab s is by far the best tablet out there. it flat out beats the ipad's retina display. with an external sd card slot that can handle a 128g micro sd card, it hands down beats the ipad in every facet.

    so again it depends........what are you looking for in your new device? are you looking for something more mobile like your phone, but need a bigger screen and faster processor? do you like to play games? or watch movies?
  3. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    Ya I guess it comes down to the screen size, whether or not I really need one. I have a PS3 that I stream netflix and movies from the internet from, so I don't think chromecast would be a priority for me.

    I wouldn't mind having a tablet for school though. I finished two years of College and will be starting University in the winter. I used a laptop for College and although it worked good, I would sort of like to be able to use a tablet as they seem to be very easy to pack away when you're on the go.

    I realize the tab S is way better than the tab 3, which is why I asked the question here, in order to see what sorts of features on it would not be present on my phone.

    I assume they are fairly good for note taking correct? Do they have apps that make notes come together easier or are you able to use microsoft One Note on them for example?

    Also, if I were to get a tablet, I most likely would not get a data plan, but having said that, is there any way a person can sync texts or phone calls to the tablet. If I was using it at home, I would rather just have the tablet with me and not needing my phone at the same time if I am expecting texts or calls.
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    i think of all the tablets for note taking the better one would be the note 10.1 as it comes with the s pen......which is great to use to take notes and such. if you do not mind typing then there are plenty of apps that you can use for note taking. google docs works great if you want to use word documents. there is also google sheets and even google slides for excel and power point respectively.

    the cool feature is if you have the galaxy s5 you can use the tablet and pair it with your phone thus allowing you to use the tablet as your phone to make calls and text.
    i have the note 3 and at the moment it only works with the s5.....though at some point other phones will be able to get this feature in future updates.
  5. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    I would love that feature you mentioned, to be able to sync phone and tab.

    I'll have to essentially decide if the large screen is worth the price to pay for one. It seems to me a tablet is just a larger version of a phone.

    I would like to have one though, especially since I find it such a pain to fire up my laptop just to go on the internet and such, but yet my phone is too slow and small to be truly satisfied with web surfing and posting in forums such as this one.

    Maybe a tablet could help me bridge that gap.

    Thanks for the info.
  6. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    i think so as far as bridging gap between phone and laptop. if you get the samsung keyboard dock and combo that with the s mouse ( a bluetooth mouse) and you have a great small laptop so to speak. with 3gb of ram, the tablet performs quite well for most of your basic laptop functions.

    it also comes with a great desktop remote viewer as well. the catch is that your laptop or computer need to be on and your tablet needs to be on wifi in order for it to work.....can't play games, but you can run most things on your tablet through your computer......pretty cool.

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