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Proscan/Curtis PLT7035-PL

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  1. capfl2k5

    capfl2k5 Active Member

    Sooo I had a moment of derrrr and flashed the jellybean upgrade for the PLT7035-B to my 7035-pl. Boots up (quickly I might add) and goes to the lock screen but I have no touch control over the screen. Does anyone have an image of the original firmware for this tablet? Or any Idea on how I can regain control of the touch screen?

  2. vulcanize

    vulcanize Member

  3. capfl2k5

    capfl2k5 Active Member

    Yeah I have already sent Curtis and Proscan an email requesting the original files. I highly doubt I even get a response.

    I plugged in a mouse and i can now navigate around and it seems the only thing not working is the touh screen function and the brightnes slider is bckwards. also when it sleeps the screen is lit up and white.

    Very little progress. Still waiting to hear from Curtis and proscan. If anyone could do a rom dump on this model tablet it would be great. I also think I might be able to make it work with jelly bean I just need the original to work with.
  4. vulcanize

    vulcanize Member

    Aite, here is what I have come across on xda. The member crhm has made a rom dump of the PLT7035-PL and posted it

    xda-developers - View Single Post - recovery and boot image dump from PLT7035-PL

    Also give the JB rom of Oma a whirl if you do manage to get the tablet resuscitated.

    Source thread:
    RK2918 Tab Odys-Loox rocks with Jelly Bean ! - xda-developers

    xda-developers - View Single Post - RK2918 Tab Odys-Loox rocks with ICS !

    Make sure you stop by and say Thanks to him for the effort

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  5. capfl2k5

    capfl2k5 Active Member

    I was just reading over at xda and seen that. Oma's links to the roms is givving some weird error in some other language. i managed to get the kernel but cant get the actual rom.

    So the links are up now and I have downloaded. I replaced the kernel in the image folder and then flashed but now it will not boot at all. I cant ask for help over there yet.
  6. vulcanize

    vulcanize Member

    I am not sure of the error you are getting because I have "Oma Odys Loox JB 4.1.1 V1.2.3a" on the Proscan PLT7035-B and it is working fine - just have to replace the kernel.img with the device specific one (which I see that you already have)

    The rom is in German by default - all you need to do is go into settings and change the language.

    There is also a newer V1.2.4a version on there that I have not tried
    Oma’s cROMs | Crew RKTablets
    So may be that should work for ya.

    There are also a few fixes on the site
    Oma’s JB Fixes | Crew RKTablets

    Check it out. But best bet to get answers would be on his xda thread.
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  7. capfl2k5

    capfl2k5 Active Member

    I think its the kernel. Because it boots with the b kernel without touch support. but with the pl kernel its completely dead with the exception of being able to get in flash mode to reflash.
  8. vulcanize

    vulcanize Member

  9. RedRyder89

    RedRyder89 New Member

    So I have this model (the -PL) and it's stuck in startup (Android logo). I tried several key combinations trying to get into the menu, and finally tried VOL- and Power... whether this did it or not, I'm not sure, but now it gives the PROSCAN blue screen then goes to the red-triangle dead android logo and stops.

    I've rooted android phones (LG Optimus S's) before, so I'm not a total newbie, but there's not a lot of info out there about this model. Any guidance you can give regarding recovering this tablet would be greatly appreciated...

    And thanks to VULCANIZE for the img files! I for one really appreciate them!

  10. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    This is an el-cheapo off-brand tablet from some unknown manufacturer. Curtis/Proscan is just an importer. You seem to be familiar with rooting and ROMs. Problem with a tablet like this, frequently there is no information or ROMs available for them, due to the unknown Chinese manufacture.

    More than likely it's bricked because of poor quality, so it has to be re-flashed with the manufacturer's ROM, and that's where the problem lies. It's not like an LG Optimus, where there's plenty of ROMs and information available for them. There's a few ROMs posted in this thread, NO guarantees though.

    If you can, RMA it for refund or replacement.
  11. gangstanumbah1

    gangstanumbah1 Well-Known Member

    I have a proscan plt7035-b tablet but don't know how to give u the file ur asking for and its running on jellybean so if u tell me how to get u that file I Will
  12. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    You can put the file on RapidShare or something similar.

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