Proximity sensor broken? help? ^^Support

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  1. nosaj94

    nosaj94 Well-Known Member

    Hello i just got a Samsung transform ultra not to long ago and apparently the wires or ribbon to my proximity sensor are broken (or so it seems) i press the wires right above the speaker and it works...but when i let go it doesn't work...i was wondering is there any easy way to fix it? or is it best just to ship it back to boost for them to fix it/ship me a new one?

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    wow how do you do that??? are they just hanging out? lol or did you take the phone apart....

    I would send it back for a new one...

    No wires should be visable, or if you took thhe case apart the wires should not be cut or unattached in any way

    good luck :confused:
  3. nosaj94

    nosaj94 Well-Known Member

    No I didn't do anything to it when I first got the phone they said it was already registered to an account maybe it was broken and they just shipped me a broken phone? Nothing is showing no wires so idk what's wrong with it I didn't drop it or anythin I barly had it two weeks lol but ty for the response I'm calling them tommorow to see if I can get a replacement

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