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  1. Acropolis

    Acropolis Member

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but when I first got my phone, the screen would automatically turn back on if I moved the phone while in a call. I really liked this because it made it easy to use the keypad or end a call. It stopped doing that. Now I have to hit the button on top of the phone to turn the screen back on.

    Is there a setting for this? Was it supposed to turn the screen back on if I moved the phone?

  2. meganoobie

    meganoobie Well-Known Member

    I just asked this myself in the other phone thread. I read in another forum that it's a bug related to the "in pocket detection" setting. They said that if you turn that off then power down the phone, then the proximity sensor will work during calls. I haven't tested it yet, but I plan on it later. I always turn my phone off before putting it in my pocket anyway....I just turned it on because I didn't know there was a downside.
  3. Acropolis

    Acropolis Member

    Thanks. That did the trick.
  4. floorguy

    floorguy Well-Known Member

    Anyone elses not working???

    Been noticing mine stays on when i am on the phone.....and today i cheek dialed someone:confused::confused::confused:

    wondering if its just mine or what???

    oh and the new app store seems to be a little better as well
  5. clgwli

    clgwli Well-Known Member

    Mine didn't work well when I had my sunglasses on because I wasn't holding it close enough to me due to the way my POS rest on my temple. Worked fine for the other calls I had.

    At least this one doesn't cause me to push buttons like my Samsung did when I use it.

    Are you holding it close enough to your face? Sounds dumb but I noticed it is very sensitive to that.
  6. burgertime

    burgertime Well-Known Member

    Mine was doing the same thing but it started after a few other issues popped up. It was becoming very annoying. I did a hard reset on the phone and that fixed the issue.
  7. tbhausen

    tbhausen Well-Known Member

    All good here--my sensor kills the screen at about 4cm distance from my face. It's never failed to do so.
  8. lmark

    lmark New Member

    I had the same problem. I was talking and could not be heard as my face muted the phone. I noticed that the proximity sensor was not responding. I took it to the Sprint store in Florida to see if there was an issue with this. They were not aware of any other people having this issue. The only way to fix it was with a hard reset. Sounds like a software glitch that hopefully will be addressed in the next update along with the charge indicator issues.
  9. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Well-Known Member

    I'm just any of you that are having problems have a screen protector on your phone? I just put a screen protector on yesterday & that's when I started noticing problems with the proximity sensor. It's very possible I've been having problems & didn't notice until now but it could be a common factor too.
  10. floorguy

    floorguy Well-Known Member

    nope no screen protector....

    looks like i should do a reset on it...I havent tweaked it much so i should be ok.....maybe that will make some of the other apps work better.....

    besides, thats what they will do at store anyway, this way i can say "yup did that"
  11. Acropolis

    Acropolis Member

    I was just coming to the forum to see if anyone else was having this issue. I guess I'm not the only one. I hope they come up with a fix. In the mean time, I guess I will do a reset :(.

    By the way - no screen protector.
  12. CoachEVO

    CoachEVO Well-Known Member

    Seems I've come late to the party, but I have the same problem. Did a hard reset do the trick?
  13. Wanted to bump this thread a bit. I just got my Photon a week ago and noticed this problem from the get go. I have 'cheek' dialed a number of times in the last few days. Also notice that once the screen auto locks while on a call, I have to turn the screen back on to end the call. My EVO's screen would turn off and on automatically.

    Kinda neccessary for a touch screen phone. IMO
  14. GottWhat

    GottWhat Well-Known Member

    The latest phone update fixes this issue.
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  15. djmiked

    djmiked Member

    So far the update has fixed my issue. I would like more time to try it out before knowing 100%. I only had the issue after using bluetooth in my car. A simple reboot always fixed it, but that is a PIA to do everytime I get out of the car.
  16. My update continues to fail. Downloads, reboots, I get the loading screen, then it just boots back up and says "The update has failed." I have tried 7 times so far. Even removed launcher pro and home switcher just to be on the safe side. Anyone else having a problem installing the update?
  17. Acropolis

    Acropolis Member

    I was just reading about the update in another thread and am in the process of downloading it. This was my only remaining issue with the phone, so I am really hoping this fixes it.

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