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Proxy settings for Wi-fi ConnectionSupport

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  1. logangr

    logangr Member

    Hi all,

    i am trying to connecto through my jobs wifi which has proxy settings. Is there a way to add those settings so as to be able to update apps and connect to the internet?

    Thanks a lot

  2. sipart

    sipart Well-Known Member

    No facility in Android for underlying proxy (yes bizarre - not even on 2.1 as far as I have read!) - apps in the marketplace to get the browser to use a proxy - but I'm not sure they support user authentication credentials.

    Also the proxy app(s) only support the browser - so other web apps (you tube etc) will still not work.
  3. Condex

    Condex Member

    That is not good news!!!!!:mad:
    Maybe in 2.2 I hear remours:rolleyes:
  4. simplypp

    simplypp New Member

    You can add the proxy details (in Galaxy S): But if there is user authentication required then its a problem!

    To add the proxy settings:
    1. In the wifi settings page click menu button
    2. Click Advanced
    3. Enter the proxy name / ip and the Port number
  5. mitchell.tamsett2

    mitchell.tamsett2 New Member

    I have added proxy details via the settings, wi-fi, advanced.

    The problem is, that uses a proxy for every wi-fi connection it makes. Fro example, the proxy is needed for my work wireless, but when I go home, I dont need the proxy so im being forced to delete it whilst at home and re-enter back at work. Other software out there lets you define a proxy per seperate wireless settings.
  6. yelizismi

    yelizismi New Member

    Hi, I am using Galaxy S,I have also added my workplace's own proxy name and post number to wi-fi connection, but I can not connect to internet from my work! However,there is no problem from home.Can everybody help me,pls:(
  7. ritzshah

    ritzshah New Member

    Hi.. What is the solution to this problem ??
  8. hoyahayoo

    hoyahayoo New Member

    i have the same problem...
    i need help too...

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