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  1. jt44

    jt44 Active Member

    Is there a way to use this tablet as a controller for the PS3? If so, how do you pair the bluetooth to the PS3? I only really care about this for using it as a Blu-Ray remote.

  2. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    The Sony server just spammed me a note (in the tray next to the clock on the lower right) saying there's an update to support PS3 wireless controller. I haven't flashed it in yet (need to fully charge this tablet before I do that... and won't know how it works either since I don't do PS3. My kid has a PS3 though.) Maybe the PS3 blu-ray remote works after this update(?) (I have 2 other Sony blu-ray players for the movie stuff.). Good wishes to you...

    edit: flashed it in earlier today. It improves a couple of things. Wi-fi connection looks stable now.
  3. jt44

    jt44 Active Member

    The update was to support being able to use a ps3 controller with the tablet. You need the micro USB to female USB adapter to pair it once time first though. After that you can use your ps3 controller wirelessly with the tablet. However, what I was asking was to use the tablet as a remote for the blu-ray player, but I haven't found a way yet. Apparently this forum doesn't get too much action, but there are others that have useful info.

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