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  1. hogofddyn_

    hogofddyn_ Well-Known Member


    While not strictly android game related, I had a few questions about compressing psx isos to run with psx4droid:

    1. How badly is performance affected when running a compressed rom compared to an uncompressed one?

    2. Which compression format(s) does the emulator support? The info i've found suggests that psp eboot files are the only compressed file format it understands?

    3. How do I go about compressing various rom file formats?

    Thanks for any advice! :p

  2. acidarmitage

    acidarmitage Well-Known Member

    I believe this eboot IS the only compressed format and i find no difference in performance

    you can use IceTea to compress the iso or bin files to eboot files. i hear this also make some games work a little better. sometimes it will compress it down to half size :D


    download it here
    IceTea v1.3
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  3. KenshinR1

    KenshinR1 New Member

    I downloaded all three parts of FF7 and there is a .cue and .img file, can I just use the .img file to play the game or should I convert it to eboot?
  4. acidarmitage

    acidarmitage Well-Known Member

    yea the .cue is only for burning discs
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  5. hogofddyn_

    hogofddyn_ Well-Known Member

    Cheers acidarmitage! Couldn't have been more helpful!
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  6. Therev29

    Therev29 Well-Known Member

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  7. I've been having no luck with PyPOPS as well! not very consistent.

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