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  1. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    How do you use mutidisc using psxperia, i mean when you have 2 discs for a game, how do you switch?

  2. RockShayde

    RockShayde New Member

    From what I can tell, you need to rip the discs separately. From there you play until it tells you to change discs, and then you copy/paste the save file from the disc 1 folder into the save file folder for disc 2.

    I haven't tried this myself, and have only just got the tool working, but from what I've read on the xda forums this should work with Final Fantasy VII-esque games. Such as where it simply uses the existing save and allows you to load it directly from disc 2.

    Let me know if it works so I know :)
    (Off-topic: Have you rooted by the way?)
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  3. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    Thank you, i will let you know if i get that far on a game to change disc, yes i have rooted using superoneclick due to low internal memory, now i can move apps over to sd without worrying about space, i was thinking of going to gin2jellybean rom but im worried i will brick my phone as i have never done that, taking things slowly and picking things up till i know abit more about stuff.
  4. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    I flashed gin2jellybean and wow i love it!!!

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