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  1. Arnklit

    Arnklit New Member

    I've just developed my first android game Jungle Jumper, and I'm looking on some feedback as I seem to have stared myself completely blind to it.

    The game is a variation of an endless runner/crawler

    What I'm really wanting to know if is the game is fun and challenging or if it is too hard or easy. If anyone sees anything else that could be improved I would of course love to hear about that as well.

    Link to the game on the play store.


  2. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    will download in a few
  3. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    It seems I keep getting cockblocked by bats. If you jump just as they divebomb they seem to be able to hit two lines at once. This is especially lame when there is an obstacle on the far line as you are effectively screwed.
  4. Arnklit

    Arnklit New Member

    ah that's an excellent point, I'll have a look at that.
  5. LexiconStudios

    LexiconStudios Well-Known Member

    Damn. This is a really well polished game for your first one.
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  6. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    You should add an overall highschore function!
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  7. Arnklit

    Arnklit New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I've been on a short vacation so I haven't gotten much work done on the next update yet. I plan on it including the change to the bat that Rantyr requested and also the highscore system. I've wanted that all along but didn't really know where to start, but I've heard good things about swarmconnect.
    I also thinking about adding little objectives/achivements, like riding 5 dragonflies in one game or getting 5000 points and so on.

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