[PUBLIC-BETA] Kitten Vs. Zombie V0.2.0 - Need Testers

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  1. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    Hello Androidforums community,

    I just recently released a new game into the Android Market (Google Play) called "Kitten Vs. Zombie".

    In my newest update I will be adding:
    -Social Features
    -Offline Mode
    -Ability to Buy Internets(in game points)

    Most testing has already been completed by my staff for the update, but I'd like to put it through the perspective of others before releasing it officially.

    scan the QR code to participate:

    Let me know of any bugs you find / feedback of any kind!

  2. DarkDragon490

    DarkDragon490 Member

    If its Your first game, its awesome! I liked many things in it but, 2 things i didnt like, when its game over, the button at the bottom is just a really thin button without any text, so its a bug, 2nd thing is that the controls were a little hard or uncomfortable for me, i know i can adjust control settings but even character movement is not the type i like, that slippy-on-ice like movement, but otherwise its nice, will its not, its awesome!, thx for making this game, im reaaally sorry if this reply is a lil harsh
  3. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely look into modifying the problems you specified.

    That is strange that the button showed up without text on Game Over, it should say "Try Again" so we will have to look into what's causing that.
  4. DarkDragon490

    DarkDragon490 Member

    Here i captured a photo of it


    Btw the button does its work all fine but the problem is the shape as i mentioned before

    Thanks for reading my feedback!

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  5. Joe Staff

    Joe Staff Member

    Button appeared just fine on ASUS Nexus 7. I agree on the controls although I understand it to be a sliding throttle more than a button. Still makes attacking a little bit difficult.

    Needs music.
  6. DarkDragon490

    DarkDragon490 Member

    Yea it needs music, More Sound Effects, and an option to activate/deactivate them, there is already a toggle for fx but just add some more FX and a togglable music.

    Thx :)
  7. Sean_Kelly

    Sean_Kelly Member

    Great suggestions, we will look into maybe adding music in one of the next updates. The sound fx we can definitely add more of fairly soon though!

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