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  1. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    I have a rooted zte n860 on public mobile, and can not tether or create a hotspot

  2. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    that function is absent on the warp... the sinjitsu rom has usb tether worked into it(still trying to port that over myself)... and for wifi you can use wifi teather for root users available on the market and for usb you can use pdanet... hpe it helps! :)
  3. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    Thanks bro will try out for sure when using USB tether is it slower?
    Also does pdanet work with a tablet?
  4. ayoshidage

    ayoshidage Active Member

    Can you please share, how you rooted your phone and got the signature verified with the stock rom, or tell us how you did it, step by step and which files are needed.
  5. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Actually you can use this unrooted. Go to Google play. Download a launcher like holo launcher. Select short cuts or equivalent. Select activity. Then scroll down to settings and browse through the settings activity. Find the one that says tethering settings. Select that, it will create a shortcut on your home screen for that, open it up and you will see a hidden tetherinf setting menu. USB tethering works, wifi doesn't. Now this works on stock boost mobile warp, this hidden menu should be on yours since its apart of gingerbread and not maker specific
  6. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    thats only true in the shinjitsu rom... that hidden tether menu only has help as a option... you can also use wifi hotspot shortcut tool in the market for that... used to do it in my old roamer...
  7. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    I'm running n00b vl right now so I would have to add that new rom? To get a hotspots working
  8. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    for wifi hotspot it's irrelevant... none of the roms have wifi hotspot integrated... but usb tether easier the way downthemachines was describing... but again that menu is only unlocked on the shinjitsu...

    wifi tether for root users.... its on the market:


    pdanet 3.5(this one requires client software on your windows pc):

  9. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    Ok sounds good I have it working now without USB using open garden on my phone and open garden on my tablet it says open garden connected Vpn. Does that affect anything? What is vpn?
  10. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    virtual private network
  11. ataxy

    ataxy New Member

    wearzy would it be possible for you to explain how you got it rooted, everyone here is trying to figure how to root there PM warp.
  12. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    All I did was follow the YouTube on routing a n860,my phone than became a boost mobile because I put b80c stock file. Then just followed the n00b rom and my phone is amazing

    Thanks mrbobo
  13. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    on this rom there is no option to set data roaming on. I need to use data roaming, anyone have any ideas?:
  14. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

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