Public Mobile N762 new stock rom b10 work with custom roms???

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  1. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    with the new b10 upadate on the zte n762 promises many bug fixes, like issues sending texts messages etc. Can the custom roms found on here work on the update?

  2. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    I did not know about the new b10 for n762... thats pretty cool... but no... nothing here is for the n762... Rooting ZTE n762 - Xariya Pi... what are you looking for exactly?
  3. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    The n762 that my wife besides lagging, it has alot of trouble with sending texts. ALways returns as message not sent. I have it rooted with bc420n762 ics 420 III baseband n760b01.. These problems were there before using this Rom. The latest update b10 is supposed to fix internal memory and text message problems. I want to update to fix my problems but i also want it rooted and with a good custom Rom. Any suggestions?
  4. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Me and LeMyster pioneered that phone with the upside down cwm :p its a pretty reliable phone as far as the memory issues, thiose where fixed in our custom roms... they just crammed it too full of stuff. but for the texting issue i hope theres a fix in the new b10 update but I'm skeptical because my warp does the same thing... I think it's just public mobile... It says not sent and you send it again meanwhile that person got it both times... its a sending confirmation issue...
  5. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    i am owner of public mobile stores. I have seen with the n860 no texting issues at all. Maybe in happens in a poor network coverage. But with the n762 for some people it happens all the time regardless of coverage etc..
  6. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    i updated a few n762 and so far it solved the texting issues. i sent 10 texts in 2 minutes and they all went through immediately!! How do i root and keep the stock ROM?
  7. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Member

    Here is the link to the program to update your zte n762 to b10 software.
    It is a program. You have to click options a choose your port configuration. Then it will install the b10, it will unroot your phone and put it back to stock.

    here is the link:
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  8. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I've moved this thread to the "other Phones" section of the forums for models with out a discrete forum. It is important to only flash firmware developed for your specific model phone.

    JUANLOMELIA New Member

    Hi, thanks for the file, Do You have the instructions? After many attempts, finelly it says Running' but no progressing. =(
  10. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    You have to turn off your device and turn it back on by pressing power and a split second after, hold the vol up and down keys for three seconds. Then plug your phone into a pc and check the device manager in com ports you will find a device called ZTE diagnostic interface(comxx). Take note of the com port and open the software up. Go to the top right corner and configure port with the com port you found in your device manager. Then it will say ready and you can proceed...
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  11. nanuk

    nanuk New Member

    thx was able to fix my n762 phone that i mess up with playing to much with it but got a small prob now it ask me to activate the phone but i cant there is no cell coverage where i am at the momment and next time the phone will be use will be with my wife and i dont really want her to mess with all this is there a way for me to manualy activate it..

    thank you
  12. kocoman

    kocoman Active Member

    Does anyone have the file?

    The b10 does fix the Dell Voice/Fongo issue with speakerphone only mode bug (thx)
  13. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

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  14. noxiousnic

    noxiousnic New Member

    Thanks smartmanvartan, seems the red diamond one would be the most recent, but do you have a breakdown on the differences between the variants/releases, or remember anything about them ?
    One of my 962s is definitely running an ICS 420 build, going to check if I can figure out which one, but trying to save the install without wiping everything : the custom boot anim is playing over the running OS. It fully boots, starts apps, everything. Not sure what caused the problem. but with adt and adk tool monitor have been able to ascertain that.

    Do you run B10 and then re-flash a custom ROM ? Or in a more general sense, how do you make it play with B08 roms ?
    Thanks !
  15. kocoman

    kocoman Active Member

    before I had tryed the sky rom, it does work but i think the etc need replacing (can't get signal/modem keep switching ON/OFF)

    the other ICS one that was here, forgot the name, keep rebooting at the android screen, I guess kernel incompatible?

    without UART its hard to see whats wrong, there is also no ram_console dump for this device
  16. noxiousnic

    noxiousnic New Member

    Is this a third pre-boot state ? menu-vol up for recovery, menu-vol down for download (aka fastboot/bootloader)
    so what would be this third one ? Not interactive recovery ? ;)
    Saying that 'cause I get to the cwm recovery main menu, but none of the buttons work, so not quite recovery mode, not quite bootloader ?

  17. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    As for the differences between them I don't remember but the backtrack one and the windows 7 one are backups and the others are ROM flashables. The backups you extract the folder to your sd card in the clockworkmod\backup\ folder and then restore with upsidedown clockworkmod recovery. The ROMS you install with upsidedown clockworkmod recovery. to be fully compatible, I would recommend flashing the B08 Stock bin and then clockwork easy V2 (DO NOT FLASH CLOCKWORK EASY WITHOUT FLASHING THE STOCK B08 BIN FIRST!!! DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SKIP A STEP!). Once you are on b08 with the cwm recovery, you will be fully compatible with these b08 based setups. I also had a right side up recovery for the N762 but i can't seem to find it right not but I had found it on the Avail/Merit sections since they are on the same board("roamer").
  18. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    What you are referring to is early material for the N762 when we where trying to use the N760 roms from china and yeah that never really worked since the ril on the N760 is completely different as it has a different radio and a sim card slot. the N760 is our sister phone.. in fact if you remove the black plastic sticker the size of your thumb right above the battery on your N762 you will find contacts for a sim dock on your motherboard.. the sky rom was my favorite, i really really tried to port it... THIS is the last version I tweaked.. it's smooth but has no 3g...
  19. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    The N762 is the coolest phone when it comes to modes... it has four in fact!

    1- To load a bin image in your sd card image\ folder, With the phone off, press and hold PWR+VOLUP+HOME all at the same time.

    2- Recovery, press pwr and a split secont later hold volup and menu.

    3- Bootlader/Fastboot, press prw and a split second later hold voldown and menu.

    4- FTM/Qualcomm/DFU mode, press pwr and a split second later hold both volup and voldown(this mode works best on a phone with stock recovery)
  20. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Because I like to share, The clockworkeasy installer was made with a program called ztepack. it works in command line and has two commands. extract and pack. the bin style rom is the stock rom format for this phone and it bypasses all checks from the recovery because it loads in the most direct way. and its pack by zte! :p... somewhere along the way I found the ztepack.exe.
    With the ztepack, I was able to extract the stock bin. I stripped it and and but the cwm recovery in. then i packed it with the very same programm... just extract the ztepack folder to c:\ the open a cmd and navigate to that folder. put the image.bin in the ztepack folder and run ztepack -x in cmd. ztepack -p to pack an image... ;)
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  21. noxiousnic

    noxiousnic New Member

    Smarty pants (sorry couldn't help it ;)), thanks for all the info so far, much appreciated.

    Oh, so recoveries that work for Avail/Merit also works on our roamer based device ?
    Wouldn't mind updating to a 6.x CWM or the TWRP based one just released on the merit/avail forums, if it's right side up, bonus ;)
    It's funny they call it the same board, as the most important part of it is not identical, that is the SOC : could be same processor, just underclocked in avail/merit (didn't check that in detail), but having a different amount of RAM means the SOC is not identical.
    I guess board in this case means the rest of the layout, which doesn't leave much as most phones have 99.9% of the hardware in one "chip" that's smaller than a stamp, including the arm9 for dsp/audio/radio stack we can't code directly for, the gpu, RAM, and the onboard storage (iirc for the latter).
    Our phones could be so much smaller if there weren't factors beyond the System On Chip die, hehe.

    I want to update both my ZTEs to b10 as I'm interested by the Fongo issue it fixes, but in one case, I'd like to be able to just keep my Link2SD partition setup and just re-link everything after the B10 install which I surmise totally wipes the phone, not just the system part ?
    Also, anyone encountered any other problems with Fongo, mainly not being able to call certain Fongo numbers from certain carriers (PM first among the problematic ones), while others work fine ? Issue with Public Mobile, the 762 or some other VOIP corner case ? Can't say I've seen that particular problem with other voip solutions on android, then again, Fongo uses a custom voip engine (thus safe from the Google Talk licensing changes). Really weird : one of my numbers is not callable from most sources, and I've set it to forward to my PM cell number, then my house phone, and it seems to skip the PM number and directly go to my house phone, when it works at all. Yes, I must file a ticket with Fongo too, but not going to get a facebook account for that, which seems to be their preferred way for customer comms (sic).
    Anyhow, while I tinker with my Android coding (have a few apps and games projects going while I refresh my coding-fu, been a few years since I left the game industry), I'm thinking of throwing together a very light GB distro for the 762, based on B10, but using a schema that would make it easy to use the framework for other barebones but functional "ROMs".

    If anyone got PM ZTEs they're going to throw out, I'm interested in 762s with intact screens/digitizer, even if it's otherwise a brick, and the "new" n850 and n861, for the right price. Ditto on an 860.
    Even though I'm looking at getting a much more powerful phone as my main cell (Nexus 5, HTC One and Note 2 or 3 being my top 3.5), as a programmer who did 3d mobile games back in 04-05 for gameloft montreal (before gpus), the independent developer that I am wants to build himself a library of lower end devices to test my code on, and make sure my products can run on as wide a gamut of Android devices as possible, hardware wise, and Android OS versions wise, even though it would seem that things have dramatically changed in the last few months, with most devices now being in the post ICS 4.x spectrum rather than the latter Gingerbread versions as it was earlier this year.

    Anyhow, friday night a few beers in the stomach rambling has gone long enough :)
    Cheers all, and thanks again to all of you who make it possible to do anything with this phone !
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  22. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    they all look the same when you look at them... the network and camera is different hardware... the processor is the same on all three but downclocked on the avail/merit... for that matter it is downclocked on our n762 as well because qualcomm has it at 1 ghz max speed

    Snapdragon S3, S2, S1 Processors | Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors

    ZTE Avail / Merit Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

    AT&T Avail - ZTE USA

    ZTE Merit - ZTE USA

    I wonder if i bought a merit and swapped out the camera in my n762 if it would give me a 5 mp camera instead of the 2 mp i have... intersting...

    As for b10 the updater changes pretty much all the partitions... so you would loose everything... and have to start from scratch...

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