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Pull ESN from bricked phoneSupport

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  1. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

    I need get the ESN SPC and all those important numbers from my phone
    However it's stuck on the Android recovery screen and won't mount the SD card
    So basically it's bricked....
    So without discussing anything against forum rules PLEASE help me get my ESN SPC etc... WITHOUT talking about spoofing or anything else that will get this thread deleted as this is very important to me.... not only to fix my phone but for learning as well

    Is there a way to convert MEID to ESN (not pESN)
    or anything I can get from the numbers on the phone that I can see?

  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Theres an app on the Market call MEID Converter that converts your MEID to your SPC, or theres many websites like MEID Converter also your MEID is your ESN. MEID replaced ESN system in 2006 ;)
  3. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

    So I've discovered I've researched CDMA and the related authentication and the problem is now... I have my phone running and updated to BoostZVC with hyper kernel phone info reads mostly correct..... serial number won't come up CDMA Tools says all zeros too... I have Wifi but can't call it says my account cannot be verified... I have worked so hard to fix my phone..... I just want my service back.... (bill paid )
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I would suggest you take your bricked phone in for service before attempting any modifications to the serial numbers. Even playing with CDMA workshop (or similar tools) and dabbling with your serial numbers can get you into legal trouble. If you want help fixing your bricked device, there are probably ways of doing it, too. Check out this thread: http://androidforums.com/marquee-al...uide-flash-your-phone-back-stock-kdz-cab.html

    If the conversation of MEID, IMEI, or ESN modification/copying/etc continues, I will be forced to lock the thread. I understand that you are trying to fix a bricked device. We will help with that. We will not help/condone modification to or copying of MEID/IMEI/ESNs. Thank you.
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