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  1. droodj_dred

    droodj_dred Member

    Took a look at the Pulse today in T-Mobile York. Looks good but the keypad was impossible to use in QWERTY mode, about one in three letters was out. :mad:

    Alphanumeric was OK with predictive testing but not sure if this would be good enough for emails etc. :rolleyes:

    Is the keypad always this bad?:confused:

  2. helikopter

    helikopter Active Member

    was there a screen protector on the device? the one that is on it out of the factory makes the pulse very hard to use. after i tore it off it became very responsive.
  3. droodj_dred

    droodj_dred Member

    Hi helikopter

    thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure that there was no protective film on it.

    I wonder if the keyboard is more responsive on some phones and to some fingers than others?

    You're saying that you're really happy with the keyboard? If so, that's good news - I want this phone but need a good keypad.:)
  4. helikopter

    helikopter Active Member

    i'm totally satisfied with it. there could have been one other problem i can think of: if you put the phone down to a table and try to touch it only with one finger it doesn't respond very well. you should touch it somewhere else with your skin, too, like holding in your hand or something and then it's fine. i think it's related to the capacitive screen as it works based on the electricity of your body.
  5. droodj_dred

    droodj_dred Member

    Hmm, no, I was holding the phone with both hands - and really wanting to sign up for one! - but every time I entered any text it seemed to struggle to distinguish adjacent letters. Landscape made no difference. For what it's worth I have pretty thin fingers and pretty good keyboard skills (spend all day on a blasted computer).

    Maybe it was a rogue phone? Also it had no sim in it, so couldn't test drive it online.

    If you don't mind me picking your brains, how are you finding it for browsing, gmail, calendar, docs etc?

    Thanks again
  6. helikopter

    helikopter Active Member

    then i'm pretty sure that there was a foil on the screen. a few other people also had complaints in another forum about the screen sensivity and although they were sure that there was no such thing on the screen, after a closer look they found out that there was. after they had removed that one the problem was gone.

    i think it's a good device. can get a bit slow sometimes, the camera is not big quality, and there are some problems if you try to attach your own headphones with the supplied adapter (http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile-pulse-pulse-modaco-com/295442/musicplayer-starts-automatically-with-headphones-plugged-in/), but the android OS is a joy to use, browsing on the huge screen is fun, and of course it handles all the kinds of google stuff like gmail, calendar, and google talk perfectly.
  7. droodj_dred

    droodj_dred Member

    Thanks for taking the time to reply - it's appreciated.

    I'll definitely ask to try again and check there's no film on it. The only downside of the device for me is the camera, which everyone slates, and possibly that it won't be able to take Android2.0 due to insufficient memory. But I reckon I can survive on 1.6 for a year and a half.

    Otherwise, having my google account in my pocket is well worth
  8. nickclark

    nickclark New Member

    I am typing this on a t mobile pulse with the screen protector on. I can't comment on what its like without yet because I like the idea of the screen having some protection. I've managed to type this much without throwingit out the window but it is a horrible experience, even compared to much cheaper touch phones like the tocco lite, which has a full screen touch qwerty. The main problem is that I can't use it with the tip of my finger.The response is poor, particularly around the edges of the screen. The only way to get a consistant response is to use the flat pad of my finger print. This has a larger surface area so makes typing acgurately an exercise in frustration!! I am doing an awful lot of deleting as I'm missing keys. I had a go on a friends iPhone keypad today and the speed and ease with which I could type was staggering. The keypad responded far faster, more accurately and crucially, I could use the tip of my finger.
  9. nickclark

    nickclark New Member

    ok ive just taken the factory fitted screen protector off and i can happily report a big improvement in response. its still a little less responsive around the edges but im actually using the tip off my finger to type this. i definately recommend removing the protector. its still not iphone responsive but its now useable.
  10. ceedee

    ceedee Well-Known Member

    Are you using TouchPal? I find the native qwerty keyboard much easier.

    (To switch layouts, press'n'hold on a text box, select 'Input Method' and then choose 'Android Keyboard'.)
  11. Shuflie

    Shuflie Member

    You do miss out on all the benefits of the touchpal keyboard then though, like slide to capatalise or select the punctuation on each key. Much handier than switching layouts.

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