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  1. chung

    chung Member

    Can anyone help me here. I had no problems connecting to WiFi when I had my old BT1800 wireless router, this died so replaced with a Netgear 834 and now I have no Wifi connecitivity at all. Security is set to WPA & WPA2 etc. on the wireless router, all my other devices connect no problem except my pulse. Initially thought the wireless on the phone was f*cked until I connected to my mates WPS2 secured network yesterday, so came home and tried some trouble shooting.
    I can connect the pulse when I disable security on the network, but as soon as I add any type WEP, WPA, WPA2 it'll prompt for the password then just stay as remembered and not connect.

    Done the reboots in between the security type changes and passwords are correctly entered, run out of ideas now.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?


  2. chung

    chung Member

    No one else has this problem? :(
  3. spoke

    spoke Member

  4. krobbo

    krobbo New Member

    Hi Chung! Just come across your thread & wondered if you managed to get your Pulse onto WiFi? I've just got a used one & I'm having exactly the same problem!! Open network, fine, encrypt, disconnects!! Can't beleive we were the only 2 with this? Mines on 2.1.
    Cheers for any help !!

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