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  1. shooting_star

    shooting_star Member

    hi all
    just wondering, if there is a free app that is similar to the purikura photos (sticker photos), for those who arent azn enough ^^ its like this:


    Basically an app that edits photos and adds frames, sparkles, etc etc
    I have downloaded PhotoWonder, i quite like it but im just seeing if there are any others.

  2. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    Photowonder is the most asian of the bunch. There's another called Camera Illusion that has a lot of effects, but doesn't allow you to add all the blingy sticker picture stuff.
  3. BloodyVamp02

    BloodyVamp02 New Member

    Sorry I'm late in all but they're a lot of app like the Japanese/Korean photo booth. Bye the way the photo booths are called "Purikura". To look for the apps like the photo booths just type in the word "Purikura" and if you want free apps like it too just type in "Free Purikura" and there you go and I hope that I help you peace out!!^o^

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