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Push contacts to camry hybridSupport

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  1. va3jlf

    va3jlf Member

    Does anyone know whether it is possibe to push contacts from my HTC Magic to my camry over bluetooth? I cannot find a way on the phone to beam or send or push contacts and the car requires the transfer to begin from the phone. I have sucessfully paired my phone and the car. I am suspecting that the present bluetooth stack for the Magic does not include the profile necessary to beam contacts, but would appreciate any insight from anyone. Is this something that could be available in the future? Thanks in advance.

  2. fr.its

    fr.its New Member

    i asked this to the HTC helpdesk. They told me it is not possible to push the contacts to the car via bluetooth. i consider this as a failure in the design of the phone, but now stuck with it. I am looking for an app that provides this feature. So hoping this is available shortly!! Good luck.
  3. va3jlf

    va3jlf Member

    Thanks for the info. Can we keep each other informed if we discover something? It would be nice for this feature in the future. Mind you, I was also not able to do this with my Windows Mobile Samsung which I had before the Magic. Thanks again.
  4. fr.its

    fr.its New Member

    I'll keep you informed!! If you want to do the same, that would be very nice!!
    My previous phones (nokia N95) did have the opportunity to send contacts by email. So i am very dissapointed that the HTC lacks this possibility!!:mad:
  5. darthux

    darthux New Member

    Press setup >phone >refresh phone book.
    this works on my camry SE

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