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  1. Nerfman

    Nerfman New Member


    I have a Droid X that is upgraded to 2.2 but I noticed this weekend that I didn't receive emails on Saturday until I pinged the server on Sunday night. When I was on 2.1 this wasn't an issue and I'm noticing now it is.

    Settings right now are:

    Data Delivery:
    1. Background data is OFF
    2. Email and Corp Sync: Data Push

    Battery Manager:
    1. Now in Performance mode, I turned off Custom this morning.

    Any ideas or thoughts I'd appreciate and I might have solved my own problem by changing to "Performance Mode".

  2. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Well-Known Member

    Are you using Touchdown or stock? Touchdown has "peak times" settings that turn off push unless you set customized time tables. Maybe stock app has this too.
  3. hpresley80

    hpresley80 Active Member

    My Droid 1 on 2.2 is doing the same thing. I asked the IT guy at work this morning and he has no idea. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. yankeeboy

    yankeeboy Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say here that your issue is that background data is OFF. I have this checked on and have no issues with delivery of corporate email - with the caveat "when exchange sync is working". My only issue is that it loses my authentication 1-2 x's per week and i need to completely delete the account and re-add it. I have custom checked in battery as well and hasn't been an issue, I have it set to download all my emails at 6AM right before I wake up and shut off push at 10PM.

    See, because you have push enabled - it means data is just about always running, and if you have background data OFF, then it isn't running. I used to play around with this setting on my old ERIS, and push would work for like an hour, and then not work.

    Touchdown blows IMHO, its a heavy app and affects performance
  5. vetvipe

    vetvipe Well-Known Member

    I'm having an issue today with the Corporate Exchange Hotmail account. It keeps saying that it can not connect to the server. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. js from nc

    js from nc New Member

    Push e mails with Exchange servers, especially 2010. I have spent the better part of two days dealing first with Verizon and then Motorola, and was kicked upstairs three levels at Motorola in search of a solution to the problem of my X not auto synching, and not even following the fetch schedule when I turned off the direct push. First came the gauntlet of Motorola's stock solutions like deleting and reinstalling my corporate account, updating to 2.2, doing a hard reset, changing Exchange server settings, they then directed me to third party apps like touchdown and "improved e mail." Touchdown works for e mail syncing, but it costs $20 and does not archive information in your calendar, which made it useless for my work purposes. "Improved e mail" does not have an app in Verizon Market that is for 2.2 and besides does not appear to be a good app anyway. Incidentally, at my office, there are HTCs, and iphones and no one with these devices had similar problems. Only those with Motorola Droids. So today, with Motorola out of solutions yet not admitting their Droids are incompatible with Exchange server 2010, I went to Verizon to see if the Samsung Fascinate would synch my e mails, contacts, and Outlook calendar and auto push without delay. First time attempt - everything worked!! I traded in my Droid X and am done with Motorola. No excuse for them to introduce the X knowing full well it didn't work with the 2010 server which has been out for about a year. And shame on them for not being up front and admitting it.
    Too bad because the Droid X otherwise is a great phone. But to have to manually sync at that price and in this day and age? No thank you.
  7. Nerfman

    Nerfman New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Background data being OFF is what was holding it up. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. tpilgrim

    tpilgrim New Member

    I have BG Data turned on and still do not recieve my emails. I have to manually sync to receive ANY emails.
  9. rjj130

    rjj130 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we recently got a half dozen X's here in the office against my wishes which meant I had to upgrade (I'm IT).

    I was perfectly happy leaving my corporate mail on my old HTC Ozone and having my personal phone (HTC Inc).

    Anyways... it does seem like the corporate sync for this phone is WAY slow to react.

    When in the office, I have WiFi on to conserve battery, but don't turn it off when I leave the office. It seems like when WiFi is on and there are no APs around is when it suffers from not receiving emails via push.

    I have checked, I have 'Background Data' on, it's set to 'Data Push', and my off peak schedule is from 11PM to 6AM.

    I'm using stock messenger application.
  10. droidxuser11

    droidxuser11 New Member

    The company I work for just upgraded from Exchange 2007 to 2010 over the weekend. I can not send or receive any work emails from my DroidX now. I did not have this issue prior to the change. The ironic thing is, it's also affecting colleagues with the HTC EVO and an Metro pcs Android owner. Those with a G2 on Tmobile have not encountered any issues. Can someone please offer any suggestions. Thank
  11. slegsonly

    slegsonly New Member

    Found a fix. If you are able, have your domain admin delete your account then re-add it. Make sure you export all mail to a .PST for safety. Once you do this, Android will sync. I discovered this by creating a test account on my Exchange 2010 server. Everything worked fine when I was on 2.1 but once I upgraded my Captivate to 2.2 it failed to connect to server. Deleted and recreated my account (domain admin) Android 2.2 setup flawlessly.
  12. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I'd be interested in seeing if you are still having no issues with exchange push email after your "fix"....

    I have a Droid Pro and Pro users are now faced with the same issues that the Droid X and Droid 2 Global users have had with the lag and lack of syncing on their exchange accounts....last Motorola phone for me...

    I've now rooted my Pro and am trying to figure out if I can freeze or alter something that will eliminate this problem...Interested in seeing if your lag free....

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