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Push Email Not WorkingSupport

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  1. antikryst

    antikryst Active Member

    i have sync on for my gmail account. tried sending an email from my laptop to my gmail account and it does not auto refresh.

    if i go to settings, data sync, uncheck then check gmail... then i get my new messages. isnt it supposed to push it to my phone automatically?

    any ideas?

    a restart did the trick. any ideas how to get push consistently?

    ***EDIT 2
    not working again

  2. antikryst

    antikryst Active Member

    still cant get push to work. whenever i refresh the gmail app or restart the phone... new mail comes in.

    doesnt seem to push though.
  3. andrewduerden

    andrewduerden Member

    Same thing here. Its so unreliable that I have now disabled autosync to save battery. Hopefully when 2.1 is rolled out it will get fixed.
  4. antikryst

    antikryst Active Member

    glad to now i am not alone. any others?
  5. Feemy82

    Feemy82 New Member

    I got a Desire 2 weeks ago. Set up hotmail and Yahoo, both seemed to push ok with the envelope i the top corner and vibrate. For the last 4 days though, this has stopped working. No push, envelope or vibration. I have to go into the app and then it refreshes automatically. This is well pants!!

    At first I thought it may be conflicting software so i uninstalled them and the reinstalled, still same issue. I think it may need a factory reset which is bang out of order.

    Gonna search online more for a less gruesome fix:confused:
  6. antikryst

    antikryst Active Member

    just an update... 2.1 kinda fixed it for me. but i dont really know if it was spotty data by my carrier for the week i had 1.5.

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