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  1. shaunysj

    shaunysj Member

    Hi guys, I'm still new to android how that i can learn more from this forum.

    My problem:
    It seems like I will only receive notification update from facebook/facebook messenger when my phone is connected to the wifi. Any idea how to fix it? Is there way to make my screen light up + vibrate whenever i receive any notification?

    Here is the screenshot of my facebook/fb messenger notification settings


    Edit: Sorry my phone is galaxy note 2... Didn't notice there is note 2 section. =x

  2. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Does the Note 2 have LED notifications? I thought it was like the original Note (no LED for notifications). It's pointless to have LED notifications checked if the phone doesn't have that feature.

    I can't help beyond that as I have the original Note and don't use FB. Maybe mod can move this to the Note 2 forum.
  3. shaunysj

    shaunysj Member

    Yes. Note 2 have the LED light notification. Well but i don't even receive and LED light notification..

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