Push Notifications in Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger are not working?

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  1. Athar93

    Athar93 Member

    Hi friends,
    I need some help here because im really pissed off with my Facebook app and the Facebook messenger app :mad: My phone is Dell Venue and the FB apps worked just fine but recently they have stopped alerting me when i receive new messages or when there is any new activity on Facebook like it used to!:confused:
    My Venue is rooted and has a CM7 custom ROM. I uninstalled and reinstalled the applications. I have facebook 3.4 and messenger 2.5.3 installed, I also checked each and every setting in my phone and in the application for notifications and every setting is turned on to alert me for the new messages, comments and other stuff on facebook. I receive the notification when i get a new message on my whatsapp or other apps. I even installed the ROM again, i have to open the app and refresh it to see the new messages and notifications on my facebook acoount. Its just some problem with facebook and facebook messenger which i really don't understand. :(

  2. Athar93

    Athar93 Member

    No one hear has an idea about whats happeneing to FB app & FB Messenger. Well I have a feeling that its because of the facebook and messenger updates. A buggy update for me i guess?

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