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  1. christiemiller

    christiemiller New Member

    Hello all,

    Yesterday the notifications from my TextPlus applications stopped working. I have them set up so that the phone will vibrate, light up, show a little icon and play an audio when a new message is received. However, out of no where, the notifications just stopped. When I open the app and have a new message it show the new message with a little number next to it, but the notifications are no longer pushed through. I arrived at work today with WIFI and all the notifications began working correctly again. It seems the notifications only work in WIFI... why would that be?

    I have reinstalled the app twice as well as restored phone to factory settings.

    Any advice?!

    Thank you so much

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    App been updated?
  3. boti

    boti New Member

    Hey ...i finaly managed to solve this Problem with Fb and Fb messenger only working on wifi... So...Settings...More Settings...Mobile Networks.....Access Point Names aka APN....and then you have ...for example Orange Internet...Orange Wap...or Orange MMS...i had Orange Wap on....and i switched on Orange Internet...now is working just fine.....all the push messages are working...i hope this helps.....sorry for my english...Boti

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