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Put ICS on A1, wi-fi keeps turning offSupport

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  1. scottyinfrisco

    scottyinfrisco New Member

    I installed ICS on my A1 and it works like it's supposed to, except for the radio turns off when it is in sleep (even though the setting is on never turn off) and I can't get the wi-fi to turn on and off in settings without turning the pad completely on and off again. Suggestions?

  2. Captain Hilts

    Captain Hilts New Member

    I'm having this problem too. I have tried "Wifi Keep Alive" from the Play Store and that didn't work either. Have you found a solution?
  3. scottyinfrisco

    scottyinfrisco New Member

    Actually, I did. I did the OTA update from Lenovo. I lost the soft menu buttons, but I hadn't gotten used to them. Other than that, it remained the same and the wifi hasn't caused a bit of trouble since.
  4. Captain Hilts

    Captain Hilts New Member

    Good to know, thanks. I wasn't sure if I should install that update or if I even could install it after having installed CWM recovery.

    I actually did try another program from the Play Store (Regpon Wifi Keep Alive) and it seems to be keeping it awake right now.

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