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Put it in the wash

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  1. Brunswick

    Brunswick Active Member

    Hello all. Pleased to read that the updates are finally coming. Those guys over at XDA have done some great work too.

    Unfortunately for me I think that my EVE is pooched :( My 8 month old spit up on my jacket so my wife tossed it in the wash not realizing my phone was in the chest pocket. It was only in there for about 30 sec but it seems that was enough.

    I took it apart.....totally, to allow it to dry, and of course removed the battery right away. It will turn onbut it has some problems. The touch sensitive buttons on the bottom don't respond at all, the keyboard is hit or miss and the screen touch sensitivity is off. The screen looks fine and it does respond but it registers the touch away from where im actually touching it.

    Is this it for my EVE or does anyone have any ideas for me? Im not completely out of luck as im getting an X10 on my wifes upgrade (which I feel is fair :rolleyes:) but i was quite fond of this phone and was looking forward to the upcoming upgrades.

    I think that I know the answer to my own question but im willing to try anything anyone may suggest. Very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance

  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    wow, sorry to hear about your mishap. i guess my replacement mentioned in another thread is minor compared to this.the only think of can you by chance map your way eventually to the reset or master reset of your phone? it's worth a try.......
  3. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    Not that I want to act like a seagull begging for french fries, but if the phone is really dead and you plan on throw it to the garbage, I would give you a few dollars and I will use it for spare parts.
  4. joolli

    joolli New Member


    Sorry to read about your phone!

    But if you decide to sell it for spares, I would like to buy the volume up/down ribbon cable plus the little circuit board behind the buttons if you would be willing to sell it. My ribbon cable got torn. :(
  5. harvester1974

    harvester1974 New Member

    i looking for the glass that covers the camera so if you wouldlike to sell it for parts I would be interested in that part
  6. CTokarek

    CTokarek New Member


    I REALLY hope you can help me out. I am sorry to hear about what happened but if you still have the backplate & the battery, I would be very willing to buy it from you. I lost my backplate one night and after dropping mine so many times with no backplate the battery is falling apart. I am really desperate! If you could get back to me at hotdoggie75@hotmail.com I would be very VERY grateful! Thank you so much!

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