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  1. ctdog

    ctdog Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Can movies be put on an SD card? Example: Can I copy a DVD to my computer, transfer the movie to an SD card, then play it on the phone?
    I've never done this before, is it do-able, any advice/pitfalls to look out for?
    Yes there are a million Google items on doing it, but I prefer to get advice from real world users. Thank you!

  2. Yes you can
  3. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I have done it repeatedly. Make sure it's an upper class card ( 6 - 10 ) with high data rate and you'll be fine :)
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  4. ctdog

    ctdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I ordered a 32gb one from Amazon, and made sure it was class 10. I'll be sure to report back later and let y'all know how I did.
  5. xenoblade

    xenoblade Member

    YES , I use a 32gb sandisk class 4 card to good effect and use videolan vlc player,works every time ...
  6. taxiron1

    taxiron1 Well-Known Member

    You can. Android transfer is easy and reliable.

    Make sure you decode it first with something like Handbrake first.
  7. big_z

    big_z Well-Known Member

    It works with movies that came from a high def source too, including media that rhymes with the mascot of a Toronto baseball team.
  8. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    the name of the PC program rhyme with the mascots name? huh?
  9. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member


    Over the years, the Toronto Blue Jays have created three mascots. The Blue Jays were one of two Canadian teams in Major League Baseball (and the only remaining one after the Montreal Expos relocated to Washington, D.C.). BJ Birdy was the team mascot from 1979 to 1999, replaced by Ace and Diamond, two new characters. After a few seasons, Ace was the only remaining representative.

    I don't see anything that rhymes with p0rn.

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