Put phone on silent but keep vibrate

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  1. bzzzzz

    bzzzzz Well-Known Member

    I like to put my phone on silent but keep the vibrate on. Does anyone know an app that does this.

    I'd also like to disable the volume controls at the side of the handset because i sometimes knock this and that turns the ringtone back on. is this possible.

    thanks dudes

  2. midge37

    midge37 Well-Known Member

    Press the end call/power button and hold down. You then get numerous options, select Vibration Mode on, and Bob's your Uncle! :)
  3. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    Or just press the volume down button (an left side of phone) until the green on the volume bar disapears and the phone vibrates. You will see a little "vibrate" icon up on the status bar confirming this.
  4. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    I use 'ringer toggle widget' free from the market (location permitting) you get the choice of 1 press vibrate only 2nd press mute 3rd press sound
  5. rdisanza

    rdisanza Well-Known Member

    Ring Toggle will do the silent but vib job for you much easier than going to the phones push and hold pwr key crap. Side controls is another story. It is in the Market "Ring Toggle"

    Have fun......
  6. bzzzzz

    bzzzzz Well-Known Member

    Ok I'm going to get fussy now.

    I like ring toggle, but rather than press ring toggle and then select i'd prefer a widget where all i needed to do was press to go onto vibrate alert.

    There are very few places where a vibrate alert is going to be considered rude/distracting to others and when I am in those kind of places I can just turn my phone off. What I want is an easy one touch onto vibrate mode app.
  7. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    As I said 'Ringer toggle widget' will do that...put it on your homescreem and press once for vibrate, second press mute third press back to sound. How easy is that?
  8. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    Try an app called Volume Control by RevoSolutionary Developments. It's free in the Market and allows control of System Volume, Ringer Volume, Notification Volume, Media Volume, Alarm Volume and In-Call Volume as well as vibrate on/off for Ringer and for Notifications.

    It's not quite as simple as a toggle on/off, but I find it great as I can set individual elements depending on where I am. I've also found it great as I know excatly whether or not my alarm volume is set over night so I don't NOT wake up to a silent alarm!

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