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Putting movies/tvshows on my samsung galaxy s2Support

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  1. seanmc172

    seanmc172 Member

    I have replaced my IPHONE 4 with a Samsung Galaxy s2 and now would like to add some videos to my phone as apart from youtube i have not yet been able to watch any videos on the super amoled plus screen i have over 50 legally purchased movies and tv shows on my itunes account and would like to put them on my s2 however cannot as DRM protection. I do not wish to purchase a $35 dollar software package to strip drm (if this is the only option then this is a serious flaw on android part) i do not wish to download movies illegally so would like to no how i can watch movies on this device as advertised??????!!!

    It appears to me so far that it is impossible to watch legal movies on android handsets therefore is'nt this a case for false advertising

  2. seanmc172

    seanmc172 Member

    for example say i want to watch Broadwalk Empire or Avatar on samsung galaxy s2 i simply can not find anyway legal way for me to either purchase them or use legally purchased media for this phone?

    I would love some help on this topic

    ps SAMSUNG MOVIES APP over priced rubbish although the only legal way so far noted
  3. Elwood32

    Elwood32 New Member

    I am not sure what the legal restrictions buying from iTunes are, but you might be able to legally torrent those movies.

    For instance, if you bought a movie at best buy, and that movie disc gets scratched, as long as you can prove you bought that movie then you have all the right to download that movie as long as you don't redistribute it. (i.e. no seeding or uploading at all).

    The same goes for video games, if you bought Pokemon Blue then you can download that rom and play it on emulators all you like.

    So if this is true for iTunes then you could just download the copies that don't have DRM on them.

    Also, Netflix now has an Android app and it is pretty decent quality. I would reccomend using Netflix instead of downloading movies individually. While you may not have all the selection that you specifically want, 8$ a month for unlimited streaming is a great deal, and their collection grows every day.
  4. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Hardly a case of false advertising, its not Samsung or Androids fault that you chose to purchase media with DRM (which is terrible for consumers, like a lot of what Apple does). In the future the obvious answer is don't buy media with DRM, then you won't have problems, and you won't have supported practices that detriment end users.

    I would look into what the above poster mentioned, you may be able to download these legally.

    I've just had a quick search and found only paid applications that will do what you need.
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  5. elektrobix

    elektrobix Well-Known Member

    This is why i stopped buying movies and TV shows from iTunes. You're stuffed unless you own nothing but apple - and even then you're semi-stuffed because i bought a movie in HD and later found out that i can only watch it on my iPad, i'm not allowed to stream it to my TV for some bizarre reason so now i buy the discs and burn to whatever i like. That way i still have a backup too.

    It's very crude and a pain but one way is to plug your ipod into your DVD recorder, record from your iPod to DVD and then burn the DVD back onto the computer. I've done that with a few films. Obviously this is no use for a large collection but for the odd film maybe?

    I'd be very careful with downloading movies from torrent - i don't know what the law is where you are but you'd need to be absolutely certain it's ok.
  6. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Yes, definitely you need to take all due care with any non-sanctioned download.

    Good idea to record from a playback device.
  7. MadiZone

    MadiZone Member

    This is not a flaw on Android's part. Apple has placed a proprietary protection around their iTunes content. Vent your anger at Apple for locking the content to their own devices. Apple used to DRM-lock their music, but dropped the locking in 2009. However, they continue to lock their video.

    If Apple decided to publish the DRM standard for Android to use, then Google or Samsung would stand a chance, but Apple does not want Android to support iTunes videos. They want you to keep buying iPhones until you die.
  8. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    I wasn't going to comment to avoid turning this thread into a DRM rant but that ship has sailed. Yeah, DRM sucks. DRM sucks so badly. It is supposed to stop pirating, but in reality it just locks buyers to the seller's will. I stopped buying CDs when I took 5 hours to get access to what I'd bought. I didn't buy from iTunes until they got rid of DRM on music and I still won't buy anything with DRM.
  9. Russcausier82

    Russcausier82 Active Member

    @seanmc172 are you from the uk?where do you get or find the samsung movies app??cant get it anywhere?
  10. jimlad

    jimlad Well-Known Member

    moral of the story is never use itunes
  11. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    True, it's not anyones' fault.

    It is merely the fact that Apple want to make you dependant on them, so that you can't leave them. HOPEFULLY the GSII has had a good enough impact to stop you (as I'm sure many others will) flocking back to Apple at the release of the iPhone 5.

    Are you sure there are no free versions that'll get rid of the apple-protection?

    maybe $35 dollars is worth it if you've got 50 movies, and if it works.

    HAVE NO FEAR. Android Market will soon begin it's movies, tv shows, music and books - and then it'll reign supreme. :p
  12. Lol mahmood

    Lol mahmood Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Doubletwist? Look it up on Android Market.
  13. MadiZone

    MadiZone Member

    And what do you imagine DoubleTwist will do about FairPlay encrypted video files?
  14. Foxy1

    Foxy1 Member

    I hit this issue having just moved from iphone3 to SG2 ....is there really nowhere for legally downloading a movie or TV show onto an Android device? I'm UK based btw
  15. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    give it a month or so. Android market has already opened Movies for Android, and Books for Android will come to the UK.


    If you use a proxy to go to that site, you'll be allowed in and you'll see it's already up and running in the US. And my bets are it'll grow rapidly.
  16. Foxy1

    Foxy1 Member

    What program do you use for that? Is it freeware?
  17. ALES

    ALES Member

    Daniusoft do a free DVD to MP4 converter which I use to put films (which I own - just to be clear!) on my phone.

    It's had problems with a couple of DVDs but generally it works great. Instructions and download link here: Free DVD to MP4 Converter - Rip and Convert DVD to MP4

    I just need to get some decent headphones as the S2 ones keep falling out of my ears!
  18. L1ttleMy

    L1ttleMy New Member

    when u have converted a film where do you put it on the phone? i cant seem to access the usb ..?
  19. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Did you follow the right steps? Go to USB and tap the connect button. Then only connect the USB cable. Then tap another icon on the phone.
  20. zzr600guy

    zzr600guy New Member

    I am having a similar problem. I have the GS2 and when I try to transfer movies to my phone via kies air it doesn't work. The movies are digital copies from blu-rays I have purchased, they are located in Itunes but they weren't purchased there so DRM shouldn't be an issue. Any help is appreciated.
  21. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    so just outta interest.... are there any other ways to get downloading movies to watch without having to rent/stream them? when i work weekends it can be dead quiet so occaisionally have time to watch a full film. lol
  22. The Duechtin

    The Duechtin New Member

    there are many ways to get movies....... like homeboy said up top if you already have purchased them and can prove you did it is entirely legal to download the torrent i find piratebay.org very efficient with the help of a magnet link called Utorrent. UNDERSTAND THOUGH IT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL TO DOWNLOAD MOVIES GAMES ECT IF YOU HAVENT PURCHASED THEM..... Ill get back to you guys and see if these movies work on double twist....
  23. The Duechtin

    The Duechtin New Member

    So that doubletwist crap is unneeded you can sync your movies and music from windows media player and the galaxy S II has pre installed video player and sound player after it is sync'd you can find your movies under My Files/videos in your your app menu the same goes for your music aswell done and done hope i answered your questions.....the file type my movie was an AVI but im sure MP4's should work aswell for all you itunes users

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