Puzzle and Dragons [English]

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  1. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    Anyone know when is the US version schedule release of this game for Android? I really want to play this on my S3 while my brother is playing this on his 4S. :mad:


  2. kevinmay

    kevinmay New Member

    I downloaded this in my galaxy note 2.. i'm still having a hard time playing this game but still it looks interesting enough to play. :)
  3. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    Really the game is available on Android? I better check this out now. :mad:
    I thought I am hopeless.
  4. kakukakuchi

    kakukakuchi New Member

    i received an ingame mail, from gungho saying that Dec. 10, 2012 is the date where puzzle and dragon will be out for android..and that date is today..^^
  5. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    I just saw puzzle and dragons by Ivan rush and it's hell of a spam application on google play. I can't see puzzle and dragons for android so my friend gave me this link Puzzle and Dragons EN and it's working. I can't find this one on google play.
  6. milky way

    milky way New Member

    cool. game first came out on iOS, and now to Android. Well all go to install on your phone :)
  7. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    If you already in the game post your ID here? I need god damn powerful party this special dungeon always hit me so hard.
  8. kakukakuchi

    kakukakuchi New Member

    addd me up 335 335 285
  9. Daroth

    Daroth Member

    this game is really addictive!!! not much visual effect but can make you sit tight holding your phone for several hours... lolzzzz:D
  10. kakukakuchi

    kakukakuchi New Member

    the nice thing being addicted to p&d is that you can still eat while playing..unlike any other mmorpg
  11. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    Anyone have this I want to own this really I eager to grab this monster

  12. kakukakuchi

    kakukakuchi New Member

    better spend some stone on the machine
  13. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    I save all my magic stones for the rare egg machine to acquire godly monsters but sometimes when I get greedy I purchase magic stones to continue spinning it lol. It was such a great Christmas event such as Gift from heaven dungeon difficult but give me more challenge and they load godly monster on the rare egg machine, I got only one monster Odin on the fourth time then I stop lol.
  14. _lucian

    _lucian Member

    first srinshot funny
  15. TurtleRunner

    TurtleRunner Well-Known Member

    Looks interesting, i'll give this a shot.

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