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  1. redlancers34

    redlancers34 Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 14, 2010
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    ok so i am the unlucky ones with the 2.2 update( i don't even have it yet)
    but i went into verizon and they said that it came out just a few weeks ago????($%^& THEM!) anyway i have the soft ware and build number in 605.0 and that is why i think i am not getting the message and why i get the error when i try to force update on the computer. I have read a little saying that i need to have the may ota on my incredible in order to be ready for 2.2 but i don't know how to put that on my phone. It says i have 2.1 update 1 if that helps any. any help with getting 2.2 or fixing the build and software number?


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