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.pyv player

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  1. 99SVT

    99SVT New Member

    I downloaded Media Hub to my Vibrant.

    I, in turn, downloaded a movie from it.

    The extension on the file is .pyv. Is there an app I can download to play this?

  2. never heard of a pyv file...
  3. 99SVT

    99SVT New Member

    what little I found says that it is a file extension for Microsoft PlayReady files.

    This new Samsung Media Hub seems to have these movies you can download, but they have this .pyv extension.

    Is this something that will be available on 2.2, when it comes out, or is there a PlayReady app out there somewhere?
  4. Cant you play the movie in Media Hub? I thought that was the whole point of media hun, was to download movies and music straight to your phone. What good would that be if you couldnt play them...
  5. Treefrog

    Treefrog New Member

    Seems like an old thread here but hey I'm new and stupid... The latest Vibrant come with Avatar in pyv format and seem to play them 'native'. Now MediaHub did come preloaded but I'm not sure what player is used as of yet. Perhaps someone more familiar can add more value, I'd be interested to know.
  6. Android.4.ever

    Android.4.ever New Member

    Is there a way to convert movies to this file type so you can watch movies on your phone?:confused:
  7. I dont know of any converter that will convert to pyv.
  8. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Apparently it's some obscure Microsoft DRM video format. I had never heard of it before this thread either.

    Anywho, I moved this to Android media, and free bump just in case anyone knows of a player.
  9. jaknife

    jaknife New Member

    You can convert any DVD movie file to play on your Android phone using Handbrake.
    Installed copy of Handbrake software
    Video files and or DVD of your choice
    (For this example I am using the Galaxy S 4G)

    Launch Handbrake. In the menu on the right-hand side, select the iPod Legacy preset. Select your video source by clicking on the Source dropdown menu. Create a destination folder with name for the file once it has been converted. Confirm that the container is set to MP4 File and that Large file size, Web optimized, and iPod 5G support are unchecked

    Next, adjust Handbrake's Video Settings:
    Picture Tab - Uncheck Keep Aspect Ratio. Then set the Width and Height (the Galaxy S 4G supports a maximum of 800 x 480 pixels)
    Video Tab: Confirm the Video Codec is set as H.264 (x264), Framerate (FPS) should be set to Same as source, Under Quality select the Avg Bitrate (kbps) and change it to 1500.

    Next, adjust Audio Settings:
    Audio Tab - Confirm the Audio Codec is AAC (faac), Mixdown should be set to Stereo, Change the Samplerate to 48, Change the Bitrate to 160.

    If you
  10. chulew

    chulew Member


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