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[Q] A couple questions about O2X

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  1. rts91

    rts91 New Member

    So bascially last night i installed Rom manager for my phone. From Rom manager I installed CWM

    I made a backup in recovery.

    I restored my backup( might have no wiped dalvik or cache)

    now i am stuck with the lg logo flashing on and off. however i can still boot into recovery.

    I dont know if the problem was caused by flashing the wrong recovery or because i didnt wipe the cache

    Can someone please tell me the version number of the right CWM for OPTIMUS 2X.

    i have 2 backups which are on the memory of the phone not on my sd card.

    I need to know how to get back to stock. Thank you.

  2. hellyeahdykk

    hellyeahdykk New Member

    I have cwm v6.0.1.5 and nightly builds of cm10, its working fine.

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