[Q] Can anyone help me root my 2.3.3 G2x?

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  1. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member


    I know some of you guys are tired of hearing this question but I really need the right help because I've been browsing over the several threads of rooting the G2x and I'm really confused because there's so many ways to do it and I don't know which one is best since now my phone is upgraded to 2.3.3. I also don't know which ROM is the best. Can anyone help me how to root and which ROM to use in your opinion? Sorry that I'm a noob!

  2. Nurface

    Nurface New Member

    Give this a try from youtube. Search for How To Install CyanogenMod 7 Nightly on T-Mobile G2x after Nandroid Backup I can't give you link here until I reach number of post filter but I will say the youtube video got me to root my G2x with no problem.:D
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  3. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    Search what he said I just did this and now my phone is running version 2.3.7 pm me I can send you the link to the vid very easy to follow and easy to do.He has all links to DL everything you'll need.

    Of course I just did this an hour ago but the phone is so much smoother now,and has some real nice features.Good luck
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  4. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member

    Please send me the link!
  5. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    Check your PM link sent follow the vid pause it to follow along it works perfect.Good Luck

    After your done make sure you install the google apps link he has there so you can get the market back and gmail do that last.
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  6. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member

    I never got anything from my PM.
  7. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

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  8. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    I noticed doing this that my camera went hazy,I could tell just by looking through the phone.The pics came out that way too.I went ahead and installed my back-up that was made and now my camera is fine.
    If you find out a fix or if this happens for you let me know.

  9. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    I just updated to the newest nightly and my camera issue is fixed ;)
  10. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member

  11. Redoxase

    Redoxase Member

    Did you have any problems rooting and flashing the phone using the video?

    I noticed in the comment it said

    "UPDATE 10/3/11
    Flashing the ROM at the end may not work if you have already flashed the updated ROM from T-Mobile. There have been a couple reports of problems, though it has been few. This is why it is important to make a nandroid backup!!!"

    and I currently have the T-Mobile update to gingerbread installed...just wondering if that would cause any problems.
  12. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    I didnt have any trouble doing it at all.But I did have random lockups which is known for using nightlys,I got them from the so called stable roms too.I switched over to weapons rom which is doing awesome so far great battery life good cameras.
  13. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    Hey If you guys are looking for a ROM that really kicks ass try weapon g2x by whitehawx it is the most stable with the best battery life and the best part is it is still based on the stock 2.3.3 so everything works!!!! You can even flash the original LG camera app that came with the g23x before they screwed it up with the GB update. That camera is far superior to any other camera I have seen on any phone. So is that ROM. It has the toggles in the notification area so you dont have to use widgets for everything. If you really want fast use faux's OC/uv kernel that way you can overclock it to 1.5 Ghz then the phone really flys. Weapon has a little less customization than cm but you have alot of stability and battery life and you dont have to flash a new one evry night it is done.

  14. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    I ened up switching to Tsuqi yesterday.Using weapon my wifi and data was as slow as dial up.No clue why either I wiped wiped wiped flashed a few different times still the same.So far Tsuqi is running smooth as silk.Stock camera not alot of goodies as CM7 but works great for what I need.every device is different I guess.Im willing to try anything though lol
    I noticed too using weapons and Tsugi I have to use the stock messager to send pics through text.I liked using Gosms but it wont send the pics through.
  15. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    Id like to say ignore what I posted in the last.Weird I went back to weapons after I got a new micro card and now its blazing fast lol.Oh well still go sms wont send pics but the stock one works fine.
  16. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    So much for weapons again in went crap on me again LOL LOL Trying out Eaglesblood now,so far very happy no crashes no reboots blazing fast that never slows down.The sms is awesome very fast.The battery life plus using Juice Defender Ultimate is amazing.

    Guess Ill report back see what happens with this for those that are watching.

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