Q: Do they make an extended batt. 4 the LG e739?Tips

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  1. zealsports

    zealsports New Member

    I have a LG E739 MyTouch from T-Mobile & I was curious 2 c if they have an extended battery 4 my phone. I have searched everywhere & have found nothing. Is there atleast a way that one could jimmy rig another extended battery kit onto the E739?

  2. zealsports

    zealsports New Member

    Seriously.. 101 views & not 1 reply. : /
  3. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Your phone is also known as a MyTouch, so I moved it to the MyTouch forum for a better response. I'm sure it's frustrating not having the answers, but imagine how the 101 people who viewed it felt when they didn't have the knowledge to help you.

    We're here to help, welcome aboard, and I'm sure people here will start chiming in on extended battery solutions soon. :)
  4. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    I did a quick Google search and found an extended battery for the E739. I've ordered one, now waiting for it to arrive.
  5. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    The extended battery arrived today, I'll report in a couple of days how its going. Its rated at 2450mA which is nearly 1.6 times the standard battery.
  6. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    My initial testing from the past couple of days is quite good. I am getting about 36 hours of battery life while keeping to my usual usage patterns. On the stock battery I typically get 14-16 hours.
    For $20 it appears to have been a worthwhile investment.[​IMG]
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  7. trd360

    trd360 Well-Known Member

    14-16 hours on stock battery? I get like 6 hours tops with a little wifi use.

    Heck mine loses 10% battery overnight.
  8. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    Do you use Juice Defender or some other battery control? Also are you on the stock ROM? I found the stock ROM to be very power hungry.
    I have found Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC2 is pretty power efficient.
    When I flash Cyanogenmod 9 nightlies I find that they are currently more power hungry than 7.2 although that may change when we get a release candidate.
  9. trd360

    trd360 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm on stock rooted ROM but no battery saver apps since I never turn on things like Bluetooth in the first place.

    I'm still waiting on a decent CM9 version.
  10. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    When I switched to CM7.2 RC1 my battery life increased about 30% over the stock ROM.
    Later when I went to CM7.2 RC2 my battery life further increased by about 20% over RC1.

    On the stock ROM I would often have to charge my phone twice a day.

    I only use Juice Defender for app syncing, I control wifi, Bluetooth, etc manually.

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