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  1. compwiz1202

    compwiz1202 Member


    Has anyone else ordered the Streak 7 from Dell recently and had the EDD change from a day or so ahead to over a month? When I ordered it, it showed shipping next day, and if I go as if I'm ordering another, it still shows shipping tomorrow. So why would my EDD suddenly change to 12/26/2011? Thanks.

    Matt Arnold

  2. riffy

    riffy New Member

    Same story here... ordered back in mid Nov and got the same ship date as you. It takes dell a VERY LONG time to put something into a shipping box. I'm sure I will never receive it. They are the worst about just canceling orders if they don't meet a date, and with the streak 7 discontinued, I have a feeling I'll never see it. Last thing I'm ever ordering from Dell. They have become the worst company to deal with or order from.

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