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[Q] Flash Custom ROM for 2.5.9?

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  1. anshu4ever

    anshu4ever New Member

    I gota Defy running on 2.1 eclair, with verrsion 2.5.9
    I deleted the GTalk app and thus my Android Market messed up and so i cant download any apps
    I downloaded the stock sbf rom for the same version.

    My question is can I flash 2.5.9 using RSDLite?

    All I know is i cant do it through ROMManager as it doesnt let me backup because theres no Clockwork Recovery
    And I cant download it because it aint available officially for Defy

    Can anyone direct me to a safe way to backup my rom and install Custom rom for 2.5.9 eclair defy?

    (Imma noob and this will be my first flash)

  2. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

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