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[Q] How to Fix this error??process android process media has stopped unexpectedlSupport

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  1. kokleang

    kokleang New Member

    How to fix this error

    "process android process media has stopped unexpectedly"

    For ur information i already do:

    1) re-flash
    2) factory reset
    3)wipe data n wipe cache
    4)fix permission

    the error still come when i want to install app from google play.Now im using custom rom RC5.7 (samsung galaxy mini)

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  2. huy_lonewolf

    huy_lonewolf Well-Known Member

    Why don't you try other ROMs to see if the problem still exists?
  3. Vladdangel

    Vladdangel Member

    Happens on Dark Knight 5 for me. I read that logging in asap will help fix the issue. I am waiting to get my google account back (locked myself out with 2 step verification and re-romming) so I can't test this just yet. Just FYI.

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