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  1. kickhopper

    kickhopper New Member

    someone know how to root aigopad m60?.. im already searching all over the net... not found the thread... aigopad m60 n m80 its the same?.. can i use m80 root software?

  2. Mirnasim

    Mirnasim New Member

    hi guys, urgently need USB drivers for aigoPad PAD707. Does anyone have it or knows where I can download them from?
  3. cracktech

    cracktech New Member

    For the safest rooting method without the possibilities of other complication (like losing internal SDCARD space) use the attached script it will only install "su"binaries and after that go to Playstore and download SuperSU app and then install the busybox by downloading the busybox installer from JRummy not the Stericson (busybox) it might casue certain files inside the system to be modified.

  4. cracktech

    cracktech New Member

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