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[Q] Is there any way to move apps to internal USB storage?Support

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  1. skyfox0124

    skyfox0124 New Member

    I know that apps are stored on a 2G partition, but is there a way to to move some of them like games into 11.5G internal usb storage instead of external SD card?


  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I'm quite surprised that you have any apps automatically installing on the external card at all, none of the apps I has installed have done this.

    My first question is why would you want to? Since you can store a lot of stuff on the external sd card and it's expandable (64GB cards just coming out although they are expensive) it strikes me that the external SD card is the perfect place to store them.

    That said, no doubt you have your reasons.

    While I don't know of a way to move already installed apps, can you not just uninstall them and then reinstall them while the external SD card is not in the phone? That way they couldn't install on the external card.
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  3. skyfox0124

    skyfox0124 New Member

    I'm sorry you might mis-understood me, apps are installed in device memory (2Gb) by default, i know i can move apps to external SD, but in doing so making them load slower, so i want to find a way to move them to internal USB storage, the 2G device memory will be filling up over time because a lot apps cant be moved.
  4. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Ah, I misread your post.

    The way in which memory is labelled on the SGS2 is decidedly confusing. If you go into Settings->Applications then select the relevant application, you will see a "Move to SD card" option. This means into the /sdcard directory, which is what is elsewhere called USB Storage ie internal but not system partition. This does not mean the real external removable SD card.

    I think that is what you are after.
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  5. fssia

    fssia Member

    Hi, I am newbie in Android OS and this is my first Android phone. Just need to clarify that these apps that were seemingly 'moved' using App2SD is in fact moved to the USB storage instead of the real removable SD card?

    I assumed they were moved to the SD card all this time and was beginning to wonder if the 14GB USB storage provided with the device is just for decor. :p

    Thanks in advanced for helping out on this issue. :)
  6. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I haven't used App2SD. I did it with the button in Settings->Applications.

    That said, it's probably a fair bet that your apps have been moved to the internal storage, ie what is sometimes called USB storage rather than the real SD card.

    Most Android phones, somewhat logically, mount the SD card on /sdcard. The SGS2, somewhat illogically, mounts its internal (ie the USB storage I referred to above) on /sdcard and mounts the real SD card on /sdcard/external_sd.

    I haven't made much use of this functionality because, despite installing a load of apps, I still have 1.5GB free on the "Device memory" (ie that part of the internal storage not available to the user), 8GB on the "USB storage" (ie that part of the internal storage that is available to the user) and 16.5GB on my micro SDHC card so I'm not about to run out of space soon.

    Your best bet is to note the free space by going to Settings->Storage. Move a big app and then check again to see which now has lower available space.
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  7. fssia

    fssia Member

    lotus49, will try your suggestion about moving a big app. I didn't know there is a built-in app mover from phone memory to USB storage, hence the app2sd app I downloaded and used these few days. Thanks again.
  8. KurianOfBorg

    KurianOfBorg Member

    On the SGS2 the built-in Move to SD option actually moves the app to the external SD card, but the application's data remains in USB Storage.

    Obviously the Launcher system has been modified to look for apps in /sdcard/external_sd as well.
  9. nixtish

    nixtish New Member

    Hey i recently bought a S2 and i m having the same problem...some apps just won't get transferred to my internal SD...whenever i tap move to SD it gives me an error saying "not enough memory"...some apps automatically go to the internal SD some just stay on the device mem and just wudn't move...please help....
  10. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Hi all,
    pls correct me if I am wrong. There are 3 types of.storage memories as far as galaxy s2 aka sgs2 is.concerned.
    1. Device memory - around 2gb.
    2. Internal USB Storage - shows around 11gb.
    3. SD card - the external card.

    Now the option 'move to sd' or the application APP2SD transfers the apps from device memory to external sd card which you have inserted. For those like me, who still want to use already given 11gb, this process gives a error saying 'not enough memory'. The usb storage only has the pics n videos n songs which u hv clicked or wich you have transferred using kies.
    If anyone is out there with the solution about HOW TO TRANSFER FROM DEVICE MEMORY TO INTERNAL USB STORAGE...please post it here.. People need the solution......
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    How much space is shown as available on USB Storage?
  12. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    There are 3 types of memory

    1) Device Memory
    2) Internal USB / SD
    3) External SD

    Every time you install an app, it will put its files in Device Memory + Internal USB/SD or fully in Device Memory. For example, I installed Real Football 2011. The EXE files are probably in Device Memory but the data files (500MB+) are in Internal USB. Some of the smaller apps are fully installed in the Device Memory.

    When you select to move from Device Mempry to SD, you usually get that option for the smaller apps like Bunny Shooter, Chess :p. I think it does the same thing like the bigger games, where the EXE remains in Device Memory while the game data goes to the SD.

    As for the external SD, I think some files does go there when you move to SD. 2 reasons;
    1) There is a folder (hidden) called Android_secure where data for apps can be found
    2) If you mount and unmount/remove the SD card, some apps have problem running.

    What data goes where, is mostly determined by the phone/android. To prevent problems and since IMHO the phone has large enough memory, I keep the apps in the phone memory. Sometimes when you install, I noticed that the app is already in SD. So I will click those and move that to the phone memory. Will do this as long as I have enough memory.


    PS - I use the External SD for songs, videos, documents etc. which is not required for running apps. And I don't used App2SD since the Manage Application in SGS2 can do that.
  13. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Just checked.. I went into SETTINGS >> STORAGE.

    1. SD Card -- I don't have a external SD card. So, it is showing "Unavailable".
    2. USB Storage -- Total Space = 11.50 GB
    Available Space = 10.42 GB

    3. Device Memory -- Available Space = 1.69 GB

    ...still don't know how to transfer things from "Device memory" to "USB Storage".. :-(
  14. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Hey Russell.. thanks for the input.. I lost you in the last paragraph :-( sorry..
    Simply speaking.. is there any way to transfer a application completely from device memory (i guess you are calling this phone memory..) to Internal USB Storage (what you are calling SD) ???
    "Move to SD" option is related to the External SD Card. So, let's keep that out of the picture. Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  15. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Btw.. I used SGS2 to click 250+ photos at the F1 race event at Buddha Circuit in India :) :)
    My friend was using iPhone 4.. and sad to say, iPhone clicked better :-( but still.. my video was tooo good to be true ;-)
  16. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I'm surprised that the USB Storage isn't automatically used when no external card is found - that's very shortsighted. :(
  17. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Actually move to SD usually transfers the files to internal USB storage. The move to SD option is still available whether you have an external SD card or not. If you don't have external, it will transfer to the Internal USB storage.

    When you have an external SD, I don't know how the phone transfers, but I noticed the files appear in external SD. It might be that some goes to the internal USB storage (particularly the game data), but the user data (saved game etc.) goes to the external SD.

    Anyway, just to cut the story short, moving to SD will transfer some data from the Phone Memory (1.9GB) to another memory (SD) either internal USB memory which have 11.5GB or external SD (or combination there off).

    Hope that's a little clearer

    PS- To move to SD, go to Manage Application in Settings. Go to "On SD". If there is a green tick, its already in SD. If not, then you can select that application and move it to SD. You only free up the Phone Memory.
  18. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    ya truly.. It should have a option that says "Move to Internal USB Storage".. because SGS2 has a dedicated internal usb storage unlike many others. That is a thing they should rectify soon. Or tell us the exact way how to do it, in case we don't know the correct way to do it.
  19. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Russell, I think that is not the case completely. "Move to SD" option is there, i agree even if there is no external SD card inserted in the phone. But in the absence of the external SD card, this option gives a error saying "Not enough memory".. It does not transfer the apps to internal usb storage. Otherwise noone would have asked this question, i think everyone has tried that.. and even the app2sd application also does this only. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

    Move to SD option is not helping in transfering data from device memory to Internal USB storage.

    Now here is a Classic case... I DONOT have a EXTERNAL SD CARD.

    I only have the device memory and the internal usb storage.

    I went to "Settings" > "Manage Applications" > "On SD" tab.

    I don't have a green tick on any of the apps shown there. for example - angry birds, ninjump, opera mini, viber etc.

    when i click on the "tick" box, it opens the same screen with "move to sd" option. When I click on "move to sd"....same error :'( not enough memory.

    If you are successful in transfering the data from Device memory to Internal USB storage..please let us know :-(
  20. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I am not sure why this is the case. Before I have the external SD, I tried moving to SD before and it worked fine then. I would hate unmounting the external SD card now cause all my ringtones and music is in there and probably some apps too. Unmounting and remounting later might screw up my settings and apps.

    Will see if can try.

    Have the same error message without the external SD card. The thing is I got the SD card after more than 1 month playing with the phone and remembered it worked then. Don't know what has changed. I was using App2SD at that time.

    Sigh... guess you have to get an external SD as well.
  21. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Removing the external SD card and inserting again will not screw up anything. The card is meant to be mounted and unmounted, so it will not affect anything.

    And even after 11 GB free on internal usb storage, I have to get a external SD card.. that will really suck big time :-(
  22. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Actually unmounting does screw up some stuff. My ringtones will get reset, and my wallpapers too since they are in the external sd card. Meaning sort of have to redo it again. Don't know bout apps since wasn't running any.

    Anyway, I don't really think you need an external sd card if you don't want to. The memory given is plenty. I mean most of the data files are in the Internal USB memory. All those HD games that are huge, most of the data is in the Internal USB memory. In terms of percentage, I actually use more USB memory than phone memory. So in my opinion there is plenty for apps.

    The external SD is only good if you got lots of files that takes up memory space like pictures, songs and videos. I have drawings in my phone since I deal with those in my work.

    Sorry couldn't help further.
  23. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    Yes you are correct. If the internal memory is this much, there won't be a dire need of external memory card any time soon.
    I have a query. The pics we click, the videos we capture, the voice recordings, bluetooth received pics,vids,songs and the songs pics vids transferred from a computer using kies...all these things go into internal usb storage ??
  24. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    For photos and video captures there's an option in the camera settings to set the storage location to either phone or memory card. Voice recordings I don't know about. BT transfers default to USB Storage and I haven't found an option to change that. I assume there's a means of specifying destination folders for Kies transfers; I either mount the drive and copy with Explorer, or use Winamp (with a folder on the external card set as the destination).
  25. ashishna

    ashishna Member

    I cant find anything like that in camera settings.. Shukks I feel technically challanged :-(
    Is it in the settings u get while thecamera is ON.. Or somewhr else ? :(

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