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  1. longhorniii

    longhorniii New Member

    Ok first off I am new to all of this. This Is my first android smartphone It's a T-Mobile MyTouch 3g. I just bought It off eBay and If I can't fix It then I am out some money PLEASE HELP!!

    Have done some reading but can't seem to fix what's going on with this phone . I got It off eBay and the seller said It had problems with the touch screen every so often but other wise worked great In every other way but that Is so so far from the truth.

    When you first turn It on It will boot up to the sim pin screen. I have gotten the touch screen to respond long enough to enter my pin once. It will freeze and reboot over and over. The track ball will work once In a while along with the home and back buttons.

    I know It's running Superfly TCBY Froyo ROM and I think thats were all the problems are because It does work right every so often so I have been trying to unroot It and put It back to factory rom and settings and start fresh with the hopes that It will fix the problems but the problem now Is when I go into recovery to flash It or make any kinds of changes, It will freeze and reset. I can't even get the recovery menu to work long enough to do anything. Can someone please explain how I can get this phone back to original.


  2. longhorniii

    longhorniii New Member

    Here Is my Fast boot info

    sapphire pvt 32a ship s-on g
    hboot-1.33.0013 (sapp31000)
    oct 21 2009,22:33:27

  3. 913shauna

    913shauna New Member

    did you ever get this resolved? My phone just started doing the samethings and it is making me crazy. Thanks,
  4. longhorniii

    longhorniii New Member

    no I did not. had to buy another broken mytouch and interchange the parts.

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