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[Q] My whole phone keeps foreclosingGeneral

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  1. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, just last night my phone started to foreclose all at once, just curious to know whats going on

    The apps that foreclose were
    -google wallet
    -google framework

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    Had you removed anything or changed any system files prior to this happening?

    When I was trying to see what could be removed I got some fc's on a couple occasions. I just restore the app backup.

    If you can't figure anything else try reflashing the tot file and see if it fixes it. That should restore all system files and apps
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  3. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    Are you behind on your mortgage?
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  4. download

    download Active Member

  5. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    I'm about to loose my phone lol it's going into foreclose
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Hold it tighter.
  7. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    Hahaha good point

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