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  1. peterj

    peterj New Member

    I am having a problem finding a Q.R. Code reader that works - have downloaded a couple - but neither seem to work. Any ideas or tips ?

  2. Vesta

    Vesta Member

    They're not named very well but 'QR Reader' with what looks to be an iOS styled icon works quite well for me. Not sure what problems you're having but this one does the job right.
  3. melvinsunny

    melvinsunny New Member

  4. galmin

    galmin Well-Known Member

    I use QR reader by tapmedia but you have to remember your phone is low resolution and may not pick up all codes
  5. ianfoster99

    ianfoster99 Guest

    There are quite a few QR code readers around for android.

    google :-

    qrme qr code reader

    and you'll see a list. I would go for google zing.

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