Q regarding developing on a rooted phone

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    So I'm having troubles setting up my dev environment, in particular the emulator. So I'll have to end up developing on my phone (a Hero). And to be.able to take screenshots of my apps, I'll have to root the thing.
    Now, I must say that the process seems rather invasive and risky, therefore, I hesitate.
    One important thing I'm wondering about: how will having root access (adversely) affect testing my app, so that it will seem to work ok on my rpoted Hero, but it won't on someone else's unrooted phone? Ps my app will use an SQlite db, and read (and posdibly also write) to/from SD.
    Another Q: how about malware, that will also get free reign? I wish there would be some kind of login upon startup of Android, so I could choose Root or another uid

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    Well, I'll add the disclaimer that I know nothing about developing apps.... But you might not be aware that on a rooted phone only certain apps have root access (as specified by the user). So it would be possible to try your own app without it having root access.

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