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[Q] Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570L BRICKEDSupport

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  1. asafba

    asafba Member


    I flashed CWM for another model on my galaxy mini by mistake and i hard bricked it.

    my screen not turning on but odin can recognize it.

    the bad news is whatever im doing in odin i cant pass the "<1> setup connection..." step (try on 2 computers and reboot my device hundred of times).
    I cant go to support service because it doesn't exists in my country

    what can i do?

    Thanks for helping

    BTW - sorry about my English

  2. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    Hi asafba. Odin only recognize the phone when is in Download Mode so what kind of bricking are we talking about and tell me from witch country you are so i can help you if is hard bicked to point you on a service shop.
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  3. asafba

    asafba Member

    Thank you for helping!

    im from Israel, and i bought it from Thailand :rolleyes:

    I thought that is hard brick but after many tries i succeeded to go download mode.

    the problem is that i stuck on "<1> setup connection..." in odin

    which brick is it?
  4. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    Ok let's try this way. Make shure you have the leatest Kies Drivers downloaded for your phone.

    1. Diconnect USB cable from the phone from both sides

    2. Restart your PC

    3. Take out Battery, SIM card, Memory card

    4. After restarting the PC open odin

    5. On the phone Hold all three buttons pressed and then insert your battery only. After couple of seconds you will see the download mode.

    6. Connect your phone with the USB on the PC

    7. You should see that odin recognize the phone

    8. Reflash the phone with Stock Firmware stable version

    If you have already KIES leatest drivers and is not recognizing it again then i suggest to install this program that can help you install some aditional drivers for your phone in manual steps just click on everything to install it over the drivers that you already have, you can't use the program it's been used for Z3X Box hardware staff but is including all necessary drivers for all regions of samsung android mobiles http://www.mediafire.com/?4949l1kt7mggsq6 and restart the PC and go again with all the steps from the begining.

    If this is not helping you need to use Riif-Box service and for your country you can contact this guy and ask him if he can repair your phone.

    Refael Mantsur
    Israel, Petach Tikva
    Address:contact privately
    mail: mantzur1@gmail.com
  5. asafba

    asafba Member

    I tried this now and still i have problems:
    - i dont know if im on download mode - the screen is off, but odin recognized it
    - strange but odin recognize my phone only if i use this combination - Vol up + Home + Power (im sure it was should be vol down instead up).

    LOL i knew this guy from israeli forum, what a small world :)
    i will talk with him. but its my only chance?
  6. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    Vol up + Home + Power is ARM9 Dump mode it will drain your battery full you need to Hold Vol down + Power + Home keep them pressed and enter the battery and you should see the triangle sign "Downloading".


    if that is not helping than he is your only option for the solution.
  7. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    If you installed the CWM from the ROM Manager found in the Market. You just bricked your phone for good. The only way to fix it is to give it to samsung service center for a repair. Don't worry they can't detect if your phone is rooted or not. If you keep your mouth shut. Remember the original CWM found in the ROM Manager doesn't support our phone. NEVER install it if you do instant brick simple as that :) . If you are able to go to download mode you just flash a new firmware and you are good to go....
  8. asafba

    asafba Member

    i read about people that flashed CWM and bricked their phone, but in my case i can launch download mode (or ARM9 mode if odin recognize it too) without screen

    i dont have samsung support service in my country for that model so i depend on Riif-Box.

    anyway, thank you very much for the help! :)
  9. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    Was you able to fix it mate?
  10. asafba

    asafba Member

    Unfortunately no =\

    the only one who can help me (he have Riif Box) want 90$ for that and its half of the phone price
  11. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    Then this is what you do

    That's not a hard brick that is a soft brick, there is a hidden partition on the phone flash memory for recovery, unless you root and modify that partition will always be there and able to recover.

    Anyways your problem is drivers "<1> setup connection..."

    Had this before, although you've installed the drivers and there is no fault, it's still your drivers, you need to "wake" them up, in other words you have to use them, before odin can.

    Open kies and install the drivers using keys, then after you've finished installing the drivers close kies.

    Remove the battery from the phone to make sure it's off then connect the usb then put the battery back in (Without the sim card) you will hear windows detecting the phone and a driver install window will appear, allow it to install.

    Once that is finished, unplug it and remove the battery then put the battery back in and press the on button for a few seconds to turn on (The screen will remain blank) then plug it back into the computer and wait, you will have more drivers installed

    After that follow these steps

    1. Remove the battery and unplug the phone and remove the SD card and sim card

    2. Open odin and load a firmware of your choice and prepare everything to be flashed all files etc (Close and reopen odin if you already have it open)

    3. plug in the usb cable

    4. With the usb cable plugged in, press and hold the middle button + the volume down botton + the on button all at the same time THEN while holding those buttons down insert the battery (You may need someone to help you do this)

    Then odin will recognize your phone and you will be in download mode, then hit the start button and wait.

    I've gone through this whole process including flashing two custom roms and going back to stock firmware (S5570SERKPK specifically) and this is my first time on KPK, but everything has been installed and restored has it should, so follow my steps, your phone isn't doomed i am 100% sure of this.

    EDIT: If you still have no luck with this, contact me and we can talk over msn or skype
  12. asafba

    asafba Member

    Thank you for helping ;)
    I tried to do it but i had some issues:

    "Remove the battery from the phone to make sure it's off then connect the usb then put the battery back in (Without the sim card) you will hear windows detecting the phone and a driver install window will appear, allow it to install."
    The Windows didnt detect anything

    Once that is finished, unplug it and remove the battery then put the battery back in and press the on button for a few seconds to turn on (The screen will remain blank) then plug it back into the computer and wait, you will have more drivers installed
    The Windows still didnt detect anything =\

    Actually, the only time that the windows detect and install the drivers of my phone is when i push "vol UP + power + home key"

    I wish you would add me to your msn or GTalk:
    msn - asafba@bezeqint.net
    GTalk - asafb26@gmail.com

    Thank you!
  13. abasha

    abasha New Member

    i have the same case, do u get a solution?

  14. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    asafba, i've added you on both gtalk and msn but still haven't seen you online yet

    abasha, add me too
  15. usdodi

    usdodi New Member

    hi guys
    look asafba i 've the same problem you 've got in my mini samsung phone ,then i went to the samsung store and the replaced the motherboard of the phone and they told me that there is no way to get a new one we must replacd the board
    your Neighbor,
  16. abasha

    abasha New Member

    hi waleed
    i see that many people have the same problem
    how do u reach to this problem, trying to upgrade? or in process to unlock the sim card?
    did you tried that a technical tried to repair it? before go to samsung store?
  17. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    Okay guys i will make a video for you showing how to fix this problem since it's very difficult to explain with words on a forum, i will make a video this weekend Saturday or sunday, sorry i cannot do it any sooner, because i need my phone for work and i will be working all week.

    In the mean time, while you guys try to fix it i recommend you not to leave your phone on for a long period waiting for odin to install or something like that because it will drain your battery, when your phone is stuck like this you cannot charge it and if your battery dies then you will either have to buy a new battery or charge your battery some other way, either from another mini or a stand alone charger.

    I say this because i know you've been trying for a few days and during this time your battery is going down too, so take your battery out if your not doing anything with the phone, it's hard to tell if the phone is on or off because the screen will be blank
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  18. galaxy23

    galaxy23 Member

    waiting your video..thx
  19. yarivm

    yarivm New Member

    Thanks in advance for your help...
    I wish it will work for all of us :)
  20. asafba

    asafba Member

    i had lot of work and didnt had time for talk,

    waiting for your video

    thank you :)
  21. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

  22. venicejw

    venicejw Active Member

    its little confusing dea....

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