Q-See Camera Viewer?

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  1. NewYorkLaw

    NewYorkLaw Well-Known Member

    My home security system allows me to view the cameras from a browser. But, it only works from an internet explorer browser. (Even on my pc, I have to use IE for this, it won't work with firefox or chrome.)

    None of the ip camera apps available so far work with my q-see camera system Is the Is there any way to "emulate" internet explorer on the android? I don't anticipate microsoft will be making an android-version anytime soon...


  2. Sleeper01

    Sleeper01 New Member

    Were you able to get this figured out because I plan on running a similiar setup. What phone do you have?
  3. NewYorkLaw

    NewYorkLaw Well-Known Member

    Nope. If you do, please let me know!
  4. Clay4

    Clay4 New Member

    Hello, I am an iPhone user that has the Q-See system. I know I don't have an Android but maybe this might help someone. I had a heck of a time getting an application to work with my phone and system but finally prevailed. I found a program called SuperCam that I got to work with the system. I didn't have any luck with MEye or Aplayer but others got them to work. It can be done if you have the right software and have the ports all set up right. I wish I could help more. It is awesome to view all my cameras from my phone over WiFi, 3G and edge. I use it all the time to make sure I got the garage door shut. Good luck, I'm sure it won't be long before they have an application that will work for you. The one for the iPhone just came out a few months back.

    Good Luck
  5. bgoody

    bgoody Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Ip Cam Viewer? If it doesn't work out of the box the author will help.
  6. NewYorkLaw

    NewYorkLaw Well-Known Member

    The author has not yet helped, and I believe he's aware. Hopefully, he'll address it soon, and I'm sure a lot of us will be buying his app!

  7. N2Stooges

    N2Stooges Member

    I contacted Q-See via website feedback page asking if they have plans to release an Android viewer for their DVR products including the QSD2316L DVR. Here is the response I received (this was 4 days ago):

    "The factory has been working on an android application but they have not given us a release date. We hope to see it within a month."

    For those interested in a Q-See viewer app for Android, how about contacting Q-See stating your interest:

    DIY Home Security

    Keep your fingers crossed. This would be the "killer app" for my Droid Incredible.
  8. N2Stooges

    N2Stooges Member

    Great news Android users with Q-See DVRs... The application "SuperCam" is once again available in the Marketplace and works perfectly with my Q-See DVR (Model QSD2316L 16-channel DVR). I had to upgrade my DVR firmware to get the remote phone viewing to work but that was relatively easy...there are instructions on the Q-See website on how to do that.

    I was actually trying to get the IP Camera Viewer application to work with my Q-See DVR since the most recent version claims Q-See compatibility but could not get it to work. I just happened to stumble across the SuperCam application and it worked first time. SuperCam appears to be written specifically for the Q-See system as it has controls and features that I think are specific to this family of systems. including PTZ controls. I looked for the SuperCam app right after I purchased my Droid Incredible but could not find it...but it's there now...and...it's FREE! The only issue I have had with the SuperCam app is that it kept my phone from turning off even after I thought I had closed the application. You need to exit the app from the application's login screen via the "Close" option in the menu.

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  9. GCurry

    GCurry New Member

    I bought the Costco special 8-cam Q-See QSDR008RTC. With regard to that particular unit, it seems to have been designed for remote viewing with Internet Explorer only. Pity, but future versions might be more flexible. In the meantime, you have to find IE emulator "plugins" for Chrome or Firefox or whatever else you prefer. I've connected over my home LAN with IE to the Q-See DVR (internal IP addresses), and connected over the internet with IE to the DVR (external IP addresses). I've used the Q-See dynamic DNS to access the DVR externally with a symbolic domain name. So everything about remote access to the DVR via IE seems to be working normally.

    I can access the DVR with my Android, running 2.1, via IP Cam Viewer (market). I have to add the DVR cams one at a time, but once all 8 have been added, it's reasonably integrated. I haven't tested audio, and my cameras aren't PTZ. I am using the DVR's mobile port to access the camera with IP Cam Viewer. All three ports (web port 80, media port 9000, and mobile port 18004) are forwarded; I changed a couple of them to avoid potential conflicts with ISP.

    I'd love to get Supercam to work, since it would let me manage the DVR and replay stored clips, but I just can't get past the login screen, at the same address and login parameters used by IP Cam Viewer to log in. Looking for ideas on how to approach this.
  10. love777

    love777 New Member

    i have the q-see QSTD5304C4-320

    I tried to use supercam but i keep getting log in information incorrect.
    Do I put the IP for the DVR or the one I use to access the cameras on the internet?

    I did add the mobile info in my router info too with port 18004

    Does that app that is available for purchase work on my model do you think? ip cam viewer?

  11. wayedov

    wayedov New Member

    Asee is available from the Market and works well with my QSDR008RTC-500. The app is free and apparently from Q-See.
  12. abark

    abark New Member

    To get Supercam to work on my Android phone, I typed in the web address without the "http://" part. That was the problem! Works great now!
  13. mdheng

    mdheng New Member

    Great post about leaving out the "http://". I have been setting up my Q-See QT428 DVR from Costco and new Droid X and racking my brains trying to get it to connect but it now works great. I noticed a great many frustrated bloggers in other Android forums with the same problem with SuperCam. I hope they find your post.
  14. manddarran

    manddarran New Member

    What settings did you use to get that working? I can't for the life of me get it to work.
  15. ninjawho

    ninjawho New Member

    I also have Droid X, I already followed all the instructions by Q-See (booklet). It still does not work with my Droid X to view the webcam remotely. I have the external address, but how do I get the mobile port and access SuperCam?
    Thank you
  16. Angry Bill

    Angry Bill New Member

    I got my D2G working with the SuperCam app on the first try. The app quits after 1-2 minutes but I'm pretty encouraged so far as with my blackberry, I couldn't see any remote video.

    To all people in this thread who can't get this to work. Ensure you can view your q-see system over the internet in a regular browser (Mine is compatable with I.E. only) using port forwarding FIRST before trying the Droid. To me, the droid was the last viewer to configure, after getting the system viewable on the LAN, then the WAN, then the droid.
  17. Assamiea

    Assamiea Member

    I get only works great with my Q-See on Galaxy S is Mobile ASee 2.14. ( download on Market is free).
  18. nk60

    nk60 New Member

    it work for me in both android an iPhone. download from the Marketplace the app supercam (its free) and follow the instructions u must to have set up the system first follow the info in the setup documantation or go online. its kinda tricky to set up but if u r familiar with networking u will b ok. hope i help a bit
  19. nk60

    nk60 New Member

    u will find more detailed info online. google it
  20. JeffRice

    JeffRice New Member

    I have my Q-SEE DVR connected to Router, my Router gives the Q-SEE DVR the ip, I had to open the ports for the DVR in my router, I have my DVR HTTP port set to 8080 Mobile and my COMMAND Port set to 1159 and DATA Port set to 1160. I have A USER name and PASSWORD setup on My Q-SEE DVR to log into, This is not Admin or such, its the user name I made up with Admin rights in Q-SEE DVR security. I had to open these ports 8080 - 1159 - 1160 TCP/UDP for the DVR ip given by the router. I put in the ip of my DVR and user name and password and it works.

    If you want outside access use google and type in Whats my IP, then try the external ip plus :8080 user name and password.

    Use a free tool for testing your open ports, PFPortChecker is free.

    Your router needs to have the ports open for the ip of the DVR.

    In my router I have to open each port for the ip address of my DVR to tell my router to not hide this information from the outside world, this allows me to connect to my DVR from a local IP 192.168.1.x:8080 or extrenal ip Once you open the ports in your Router then find your extrenal IP from WhatsMyIP.org or Whats My IP and just type in that ip and :8080 and user name and password gets you in.
  21. Chancie

    Chancie New Member

    I know this is an old thread, however, I just bought a Q-see 4 channel system, and it actually came with a CD with an Android App loaded onto it for remote viewing from my cell phone. All I had to do was connect my Thunderbolt to my computer, transfer the app to my phone off my HD, open the app, set the address and port and I was good to go.

    I don't know if everybody has this app, but if there is some way for me to help out and get it to you, I will.

  22. guitarsolo

    guitarsolo New Member

    Old thread but still applicable. I am deciding between an android or an iphone (with the iphone a friend says he can set up remote viewing with my Q-See 4 camera). I didn't get a CD with the unit from the person I purchased from but will ask and if he no longer has it I may need help to set this up with my preference to an android. You made it sound so easy...hope it is with me.

  23. ddtsa

    ddtsa New Member

    Hi, Well i have it working with 2 applications from the android market
    1. IP Cam Viewer Lite or basic or full
    2. Asee

    All of them are available from the google market on your android phone or tab.

  24. Rcecarbldr

    Rcecarbldr Well-Known Member

    I have A Bunker Hill (Harbor Freight) H.264 system in my shop and it came with a CD also. I followed the instructions to the letter by transferring the ASee.apk file to my SD Card and then installed it using APKInstaller. I entered all the required info but I still can't get it to show on my phone. I get "Connect Server Success, No response" I can pull up the channels on my computer using IE tab on Google Chrome and also using the NetViewer software that came with the system so I must have set it up right? Any suggestions. I'd really like to use this on my phone.
  25. pirulo

    pirulo New Member

    I am having the same problem with asee, "Connect Server Success, No response, any suggestion???

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