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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lovelldr, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. lovelldr

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Hi guys.

    Had an orange san francisco for a little while now... As soon as i got it, got the clockwork mod on there, and put on the r3 modaco rom (android 2.1)...

    Before this phone, I was a win mo using with the touch pro 2. I had a load of sms on that phone, which I wanted to bring over to android... So, I used the backup I had of the tp2 taken with spb backup, and used the unpacker on the pc to extract them. I then used sms importer which can take csv files (which is how they were extracted from spb unpacker), and imported the csv files...

    All imported fine, and all messages appeared fine.

    Then, last week I received a text from my friend, and so I replied back to him, so I thought... Then, a few days later hadn't heard back, so I sent another. However, I noticed that there was an envelope icon on the screen with a red clock in it. I sent a message to the missus, and saw that icon appear, then disappear, then the message went through. Weird I thought. So, anyway, sent a message to his wife, and the envelope and clock icon came up again and stayed there.

    So, this time, I sent a message to my mother, and then went through fine. Left it a day (as had to go bed), came back following day, and sent a message to my sister. Same problem as I had with my friend. So, sent one to her husband, and still same problem. Sent a message to another friend, and that sent fine...

    So, I found out, that if I have 2 contacts with the same surname, it seems to cause this problem. I'd used sms backup and restore when switching between a few roms, and each time when switching roms, I'd cleared the cache and user data.

    Not sure if this would make any difference or not, but I use an exchange server at work for work emails, and I sync my contacts to that as well...

    I've found, that if I do a complete wipe of phone, sync to exchange for the contacts, then send sms to all the people I had problems with, it works fine. If I then use sms backup and restore, I have the problems again. If I leave the sms in there, and delete the thread for, e.g. my sister, I can then send her a text. I've had a reply from her, but then I try sending again, and I am unable to reply...

    Is there anything I can do to get this working?! Is this a bug when 2 contacts have the same surname? Is this a bug with exchange and 2 contacts having same surname?! Is this a bug with sms backup and restore?!

    Would like to keep all my sms on the phone, but also be able to send sms to everyone... lol.

    Please help :)

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=
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    Welcome to Android Forums, lovelledr. Good to see an Orange S.F. user come in and post here (not good to see issues with that device, though ;)).

    I've moved your query to that device's forum for you, hoping you'll get an informed response quickly.
  3. lovelldr

    lovelldr New Member

    Oct 18, 2010
    Well, hopefully I've solved it I think...

    Went through the xml file for the backup I made, and looks like it was a right mess...

    The main problem that seems to have caused it I think though, was the fact that in the xml file, it would have the name and the number, such as address='"Smith, John" <+447792123456>' rather than just address="+447792123456".

    So, went through search and replace all records so it only gave the number, and I then restored, and looks like I've been able to text again now... In the example above, I would have John Smith and his wife in my phone (Joan Smith), and it would have for john:

    Code (Text):
    1. <sms protocol="0" address='"Smith, John" &lt;+447792123456&gt;' date="1253345204000" type="1" subject="null" body="Hello mate, how are you" toa="null" sc_toa="null" service_center="null" read="1" status="-1" locked="0" />
    Then, for Joan, it would have

    Code (Text):
    1. <sms protocol="0" address='"Smith, Joan"  &lt;+447792654321&gt;' date="1253345204000" type="1"  subject="null" body="Hello, I cannot get through to John, is he ok?" toa="null" sc_toa="null"  service_center="null" read="1" status="-1" locaked="0" />
    So, I think because of the Smith being the same, it confused. When I transferred it to the correct telephone number, all appears to be ok...

    Just so if anyone else has the same problem...

    Oh, and I think this should be in android general, as I think it might be a problem with the sms backup & restore / general android sms functions?! (unless only the san fran has this sms method?! Can't say, as it's my first android phone :p)

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