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qHD LCD/Super LCD vs. WVGA Super AMOLED PlusGeneral

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  1. It's obvious that qHD is a higher resolution than WVGA, but I read that Super AMOLED Plus packs more subpixels into a pixel, or something like that. Does that mean that the display is a higher resolution than WVGA after all?

  2. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    It's over 9000
  3. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    Not really.
    Super AMOLED Plus

    The above will give you all of the information you desire. :p

    But basically qHD is supposed to be slight sharper when looking at text on a webpage or text, where as the colours of Super AMOLED Plus are much brighter and much more vibrant. The super AMOLED plus has gone from 8 sub pixels to 12 sub pixels which (actually makes them slightly bigger - apparently) but due to the 50% increase, in sub pixels the screens look MUCH better than their standard resolution.

    Personally I would say Super AMOLED Plus is better because it is "Samsung" second generation meaning it has been refined from the first generation so it uses less space (thinner) and is more efficient. Also the Android operating system is built around the standard 800 x 480 pixels so apps will appear stretched which is going to degrade the general feel of such a big and beautiful screen.

    OF COURSE, apps will be updated, but due to the stretching and the general fragmentation and DIVERSITY of android apps...how long will that take?? Maybe for the main apps, not long, but what about the apps we've all got that aren't as popular. In my opinion a qHD is the thing to go for next year because by that type, apps would've become native to qHD and we'll be getting the equivelant of "Super qHD AMOLED Plus" (Samsung are having a major manfacturing process overhaul (much later this year) in which they will use lasers or something, which basically allows them to get 300+ pixels per inch meaning Super AMOLED Retina/qHD type of thing. At least that's what I think) There a link in the link that'll tell you all about it.
  4. I've been hearing that using 12 subpixels instead of 8 will make images and videos appear more crisp than standard Super AMOLED WVGA. Will it help when zooming in on images?

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