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Qik - live video streaming

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  1. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 20, 2009
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    Anybody using the Qik app to stream video from your phone? I've been doing some test with it the last week or so and love how i can put a video up on the web or on Facebook and other social networking sites in no time or send directly to someone's email account as a private video.

    Thats the problem I am having now. Setting up my contact list within Qik. I can make the video private and send to an individual or leave it public and upload it to Facebook or other sites. I added a bunch of people to my Qik contact list the other day. For some reason it won't allow me to update several of my contacts. I have deleted them and re-added them and I still get the same result. Since mobile to mobile won't work, I had to switch the settings to send videos to their email accounts. I was able to switch everybody over except a few.

    Anybody else have this problem? Qik gives you the option of sending the video via a text message or email when your sending to a person in your contact list. When I sent through text, the person said they never got the video. Maybe the file was to big to send as a text.

    If I add a brand new person to my Qik contact list, it gives me those options again! So I am not sure why it won't give me the option to email my videos to the several contacts I am having problems with. I tried to go on http://qik.com website and see if I could edit my contacts info there but there is no option and looks like I have to do that from the phone. I contacted Qik and they have yet to get back to me.

    Other than that, I love the app! It works great on my Moto Droid.

  2. munsterrr

    munsterrr Well-Known Member

    Nov 19, 2009
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    i am exremely impressed with this app.

    live streaming from where ever i am. automatic uploads. instant sharing.

    Maybe im crazy but it doesnt seem to work right with the moment though

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