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  1. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Guys, this app deserved a thread of its own. And a Weiserhood clap all around.

    Since I got my DHD, I've been looking for a way to stream my videos to my phone, even just over my LAN. And my video collection is mostly MKV's, and I prefer subtitles.

    I tried everything. UPNPlay, Skifta, IMediashare, or just ES File Explorer. The best option is VLC Share, but subtitles were sketchy.

    I came across this Qloud app yesterday, when I searched for "Air Video for Android". It WORKS!!!

    They have a free version you can try out. Streaming and subtltes are flawless. Even a 1080p movie I tried. I haven't yet tried streaming over the internet. But seriously....try it! There's an app, and a simple server program to run on your PC at home.

    Here's the site. I'll stick with the free version for a bit, but if it works as flawlessly as it has so far, I'll pay for the pro version.

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  2. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    Great info!

    I been using VLC Direct Pro, but some formats were very jumpy.

    I will try this app out :)

  3. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    Tried it out and its great but the quality is no where near as good as VLC Direct Pro. Even on highest bitrate
  4. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Interesting to know, about VLC Direct Pro. Unfortunately, the free version disables subtitles, so I can't fully test it out. Does it play subtitles which are embedded into mkv's?
  5. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    Show me a where to download a short sample video and i'll test it

    The only con I can think of so far is you have to have VLC running on Web Interface on your computer. Whereas with Qloud, its always running
  6. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    I already have then VLC web interface running on my PC, because I have VLC Stream & Convert Free setup. (btw, I have it setup to start up with my PC, so I never have to think about it). Only problem is the subtitles. Heck, even my mkv's with external srt subtitles wasn't showing up. I wonder if VLC S&C and VLC Direct Pro essentially run the same way.

    And I'm not really sure where to find a short mkv with an embedded sub. I have an old WDTV setup with my bigscreen tv, and it needs mkv's to have embedded subs to run smoothly. So I tend to embed all my srt's into my mkv's using mkvmerge.

    Another option is this app called Red Donut. RedDonut!!! Android Version of Air Video

    But they're asking you ton use VPlayer as your player, and Vplayer isn't free. Though maybe it works with free Moboplayer or Rock Lite.....I'll try it out.
  7. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    VPlayer is only
  8. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    I've just purchased the full version of Qloud, even tho its not to my liking, I know it will come in handy from time to time :)
  9. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Cool. I tried Red Donut and it didn't work. It was force closing, so I just scrapped it. So far Qloud is doing the job, but there are some options I could use, like right now you can fast forward or rewind with the slider, but it's hard to pinpoint to an exact timeframe. It would be nice to be able to move up second by second.
  10. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    The 'quality' problem I had has resolved itself so I love the QLoud app a lot more. I find myself using it all the time now in replacement of VLC Direct Pro, Qloud is so much better. It has come in handy so much the past few weeks as my cousin has come over from Ireland to stay for a few weeks and she stays in my sons room, so I now have my son sleeping in his cot in mine and my fiancee's bedroom, and because he is a very light sleeper, I cannot have the tv on, so I use Qloud with my earphones in (don't worry I have it low so i can hear my son if he wakes up haha) and its awesome. Thanks pal, you're a saint lol I would probably have never found this app otherwise

    O btw, I tested VLC Direct Pro for subtitles and they do not work, but Qloud seems to work flawlessly so just stick with that :)
  11. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Glad to hear. I have been using it every day now since I discovered it. I also emailed the developer to ask about a way to allow you to forward or reverse a second at a time, like other media players allow you to. But otherwise, it starts up so fast to play a video. It's like I have a connection on all the time. Oh, and I stuck the Qloud media server into the Startup folder on my PC to make sure it boots with the computer all the time.

    I have not yet figured out streaming over the net with the PIN# setup. I probably have to forward ports, but it's not something I need right now. I just love how subtitles are right there. It's so good.

    Oh, one little issue. If you pause your video and just let your phone sit, it will eventually go into HOLD mode. When you get back into the phone, the video will not resume from where you left off. So the key is that if you want to pause for any longer than a moment, just back out of the video, so you can resume from where you left off. So far so good though.

    And like I said, funny thing is I used to google "stream video to Android" and I could never find a proper program. Finally I google "Air Video for Android" and I find Qloud.
  12. phatbass

    phatbass Well-Known Member

    For the guys that run Linux, I run Ubuntu 10.04 and couldn't get Qloud to work with VLC. I just don't have the in-depth technical knowhow.

    What I eventually did was just download the Qloud server software and install it under Wine. Runs fine and I now have streaming media over wifi to my phone from my computer.
  13. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    Ye I noticed that it doesn't resumed when being left on pause for a short while, so i have also been pressing back before leaving the phone.

    I have mine setup to stream over the internet using the PIN and it works great
  14. MoNkLorD

    MoNkLorD Member

    unable to get qloud to work for me i keep getting force close using galaxy s2
  15. MoNkLorD

    MoNkLorD Member

    was able to get this working on lan but not over 3g so far so go would like to get it running over 3-4g before purchasing the full
  16. nzmike001

    nzmike001 New Member

    Great peice of osftware - streams to my Windows Phone *and* my Android tablet, how cool is that!!

    Only thing is that it doesn't start with windows which is annoying but moving it to the Startup folder solved that!

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